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Old Man Truff


In a few more days, our friends will have a celebration and most of us will have a few days off from work. I hope those going back to their hometown during this festives season have made boarding arrangements for their pets.

Due to his condition and the need of extra attention, Truffles will be here with me for a couple of days. He has come a long way and I can see how much he aged.

He is a testament of what love can do for a special needs bunny. From the last time I saw him, Truffles no longer lie on his side but can balance himself well.

Here wishing everyone a safe journey back home and a good celebration.

Sorry for falling short on my wishes during this festives season because I prefer to avoid “insulting” my fellow countrymen since there has been an ongoing controversy surrounding pets and festive wishes…

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Remember a couple of weeks back that I posted about Buttons and Yohji finding a new home? Good news is, they have found one! I am just so happy for everyone involved and must thank both the current and new owners for saying “yes” to take good care of them.

Tru-Luv Rabbitry weblog is entering its 6th year since conception and I felt that I have been somehow “abandoned” it lately. I do not mean the rabbits but the lack of updates on this weblog. The truth is that I feel a little uninspired to write these days due to many reasons. I also miss the time taking photos of all the bunnies still living here without paying rent (rofl). Most part of the “uninspiration” can be attributed to the disappointment how information shared has been misused and abused. Thus, it can be easily noticed that most of what I have written lately seemed to be uninteresting and lack good information.

On the upside and like all things, there are also people with good intention which this blog has helped along the way and I am happy to see them enjoying the hobby like I do.

Aggression, Neutering & Bonding

I received an email asking me about aggression, neutering and bonding. Reading the email, I cannot help but to notice how intertwined these three words are when it comes to rabbits. They are in fact related to each other. Throughout the years, I have noticed that aggression in rabbits is mostly caused by raging sexual hormones a.k.a. the desire to reproduce. Since every individual rabbit is different and thus making it not a 100% sure proof solution, neutering can be attempted to alter the aggressive behavior. If you are considering castrating your buck, do ensure that you do not attempt to bond him with a doe within a month after the procedure. Apparently, “live bullets” may still be chilling out somewhere in there.

And when it is finally time to bond the neutered buck with a doe, ensure that you introduce them at a place neutral to the both of them. Meaning to say, a new area in the house where both have not laid their claim as either their territory.

Perhaps I should also open up the blog for discussion through the comments. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them as comments on this post. With that, I would love to leave you with a picture (as usual).


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Worldwide Launch

It is only natural for awesome people to come together and create beautiful things together. So it is in the case of the people behind The Show Table and my father, Simon Chan. For some time now, Simon has been creating beautiful paintings of rabbits in particular, which have been enthusiastically received across the globe. We were looking for ways to reach additional rabbit (and other pet) fanciers and that was when Ms. Gina of The Show Table approached us with an amazing idea.


We love her products and she loves Simon’s paintings – the rest, as they say, is history. In fact this is a historical moment because this collaboration took place across over 9000 miles from the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to South Bend, Indiana, USA!

Without further ado, here is the WORLDWIDE PREMIER of The Show Table featuring Simon Chan’s Art!

The Show Table products can be order at Additional information on products and fabrics available in Albums on The Show Table facebook page:

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What Makes You A True Rabbit Lover?

First of all, I must thank Ms. Aisya Ridha for asking this simple yet difficult question.

“What Makes You A True Rabbit Lover?”

Frankly, I am dumbfounded by her question. It is simple but it touches the many facets of the hobby.

I must admit and to be brutally honest, I fall short of being a true rabbit lover because I have seen many true rabbit lovers throughout the years. What have I seen so far?

The definition of a true rabbit lover can vary from individual to individual and what I write here are just a few of my observation and what I believe to be the definition of a true rabbit lover.

A true rabbit lover understands the commitment and responsibilities needed to keep a rabbit (or any type of pet for the matter). He or she knows what is required of him/her taking on a pet way before bringing little furry home. Most of the time, the true rabbit lover that I know keeps only a single rabbit as companion. Both rabbit and owner are so in tuned in terms of the rhythm of lifestyle that any abnormal activity by either will trigger off a sense of worry and stress. A true rabbit lover is able to read the behavior of his/her companion rabbit.

1) Till Death Do Us Part

We hear this statement all too often during weddings and it is exactly what a true rabbit lover would vow to his or her companion rabbit. With a clear decision made before acquiring the pet, he/she has already decided and have the “end” in mind. No matter what the circumstances are, it is “till death do us part”. The true rabbit lover see to it that his/her rabbit live out its full life span that leads up to death with the least sufferings. Even upon death, the cremated ashes of bunny is kept in an urn for good memories (this is optional though).

2) The Blind

Have you ever come in contact with a blind person? The first thing that you would notice is how nonjudgmental a blind person is as far as looks is concerned. Like a blind person, a true rabbit lover sees beyond any shortcomings, disabilities, faults and disqualifications. Something definitely is hard for me to do. Over the years, I have had the pleasure to know owners of rabbits with malocclusion, blindness, splayed legs, wry neck and many other forms of disabilities. I have respect for these owner because instead of choosing the shortcut of ending the lives of these rabbits prematurely, they make the decision to care for them, for life!

3) The Everlasting Lover

A true rabbit lover tends to the needs of his/her rabbit by giving them not only the best homes but also nutrition wise. The best rabbit feed available, the best groomer and not forgetting the 5 different types of vegetables every night chopped to perfection. The rabbit live in the comfort of the home roaming freely without any supervision and comfortably sits on the couch during movie hours. I could understand how this will start to add up to the month expenses but giving the best rabbit food is really the least that we can do for our rabbits.

Honestly speaking, I can only achieve about 50% of what is stated above because it is pretty obvious that I do not only have just one companion rabbit. If I am not a “True Rabbit Lover”, what is my role as a breeder?

I am sure you would agree that to a certain extent, none of the above can be achieved without the “main actor” – the rabbit. That is where I come in. My responsibilities to name a few are as follows:-

1) To provide the true rabbit lover a healthy and beautiful rabbit to begin their lifelong journey.

2) To provide the support in terms of advice and recommendations that the true rabbit lover needs to raise his/her companion until the end of its lifespan.

3) To provide the true rabbit lover directions to seek professional help and only use DIY remedies as a last resort when all else fails.

And that is the reason behind the name…

tru – RABBIT – luv

Does it not make you wonder if I have thought about it all before embarking on this journey as a breeder and not a companion rabbit owner?

The answer is YES, and I have the unscrupulous breeders to thank. Tru-Luv Rabbitry was made to existence because I was once sold a little puppy that died 3 months after purchase to Canine Distemper (AIDS in the dog’s world), another puppy that died 3 months after purchase due to collapsed lungs which according to the vet is congenital and another puppy was killed by an unqualified vet. These are just a few heart wrenching incidents that inspired me to start Tru-Luv Rabbitry. My mission is to help the TRUE RABBIT LOVER not to have to go through the heartaches I experienced. All you have to do is trust me when I say Yes and when I say No.

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Hard work pays!

The 89th ARBA Convention at Wichita, Kansas has just concluded. Technology has made it possible for us living near and far to get almost instant updates on all that was happening which made it more bearable not being there in person.

I am sure the feeling of being present on location is very much different from looking at photos and watching videos. Certain things like the intensity, energy and massiveness of such an event can only be felt on the ground.

Though I have made a promise to myself to try and attend the ARBA Convention yearly with the sole intention of visiting my beloved bunny friends, God had a different plan for me this year. I was blessed with the opportunity to briefly visit 3 different states in the USA and one of which is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Until today, I am still awestruck by how massive it is and its energy is beyond the imagination. Photos are unable to describe how majestic this place is.

The size of the people on the edge only shows how huge this small section is.

This is but only a very small part of The Grand Canyon.

It really feels like I was at the top of the world and the feeling is impossible to describe, simply out of this world. And that was one of the things I was preoccupied with when most rabbit breeders were busy preparing for Convention.

Nice as it may seems, there were hard work involved in everything and in everything there is a price. That brings me to the next part of the intention of this post.

I have known the wonderful family over at the Three Little Ladies Rabbitry since the initial days of my rabbit raising journey. Though younger, the girls have been raising rabbits (seriously) for much longer than me and their collective years of experience surpasses me by many miles.

After such a long time, their hard work finally paid off at this year’s Convention when one of their Jersey Woolly rabbits was crowned Best Of Breed in Open. Their win inspires me as it is a good testimony of how hard work and perseverance can bring about sweet victory. I can always remember that tiny little girl holding one of her rabbits in that news article and I am sure that little girl has grown to be much taller than I am.

Congratulations to the Usakowski family especially Taylor & Jessica!

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Something I Am Very Proud Of

At the end of 2010 and after 3 years of raising Holland Lops, I started feeling a worried not being able to grow the hobby. Most of my rabbits were shared with pet owners mostly keeping single bunnies and there were no other reputable breeders to work with.

Then my prayers were answered when I met Golden Pines Rabbitry who share the same sentiments when it comes to ethical breeding while trying to improve the breed locally. Almost 2 years has gone by and I am glad that much has been achieved. In fact, Golden Pines Rabbitry has surpassed me in many aspects of the hobby. If I am not wrong, they will soon have rabbits with pedigrees filled up with the GP prefix perhaps making them one of the rabbitries in Malaysia to have 100% locally bred competitive Holland Lops. These rabbits are fully conditioned to thrive in our climate without the need of air conditioning and etc.

Another rabbitry that I am proud of is CME Rabbitry. I got to know CME Rabbitry through Golden Pines Rabbitry and I am glad to mention that I enjoy working with CME Rabbitry. CME is always eager to learn and today his knowledge has surpassed mine in terms of color genetics. To be honest, I tend to slack off when it comes to the ABCD of colors.

Through his knowledge and experience, CME Rabbitry is now producing very nice colored Holland Lops especially in the otter department. I believe this is attributed to his perseverance and patience in the hobby. Another attribute that deserve commending is that CME Rabbitry have a big heart for his rabbits and always go the extra mile to ensure that they are passed on to responsible and good owners.

One point to take note is that CME Rabbitry have always worked with locally bred Holland Lops and up to this point of time, have not imported any stocks of his own.

Kudos to CME Rabbitry for producing beautiful colored Holland Lops!

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Nuff Said….

And to top off the wonderful weekend, I received the much anticipated Rabbit Fever DVD in the mailbox today.

An awesome little documentary!

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Genesis is suitable for Chinchilla!

Whiskey loves Genesis Alfalfa Ultra Premium Rabbit Food!

If you do a quick search about Chinchilla diet, you will notice that some rabbit pellets are suitable for Chinchillas. In fact, in Malaysia, a particular local brand is actually a repack of the commercial rabbit pellets imported from USA.

Inspired by that fact, we have been testing out Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Food on Chinchillas for the past few months. Whiskey (picture above) is one of the Chinchillas we have been feeding Genesis. The truth is, he LOVES it! His fur condition has improved as well giving yet another strong testimony how great Genesis is as THE rabbit food and now can be given to Chinchillas as well!

Why feed rabbit food when there are chinchilla foods formulated specifically for chinchillas? Well, we’re going for ULTRA PREMIUM that’s why!

*Whiskey appears courtesy of Furfurries

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This Puts A Smile On My Face

When one decides to do something out of passion, most of the time there is nothing much to be expected in monetary terms. Like a teacher once told me, the happiest moment of her life is to be invited as a guest to one of her students from Kindergarten. She is the only person that her student has remembered among all his teachers. That is such a huge recognition.

I happen to dig up some old photos that I have since I started my journey raising Holland Lops. It was back in year 2006 (this blog started in 2007). It was so interesting to see all the baby bunny photos and it does bring back a lot of fond memories. Last weekend, I have the “wonderful moment” when one of my first litter from my first imported buck came back for boarding due to an emergency back home.

Tridus (early 2008)

Tinga and her litter mates in mid 2008

Boy how much have they grown and how well they have been taken care of. Look at the both of them makes me super happy and continues to inspire me to find good homes for my baby bunnies. After all these years, not only both these little babies have grown but the friendship between my family and theirs have also blossomed (not to mention grown in numbers too!).

Anyway, here’s a picture of Tridus and Tinga taken today. And for your information, both of them are neutered and living a very happy life together!

Tridus (left) & Tinga (right)

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The True Meaning of Teamwork

HELLO EVERYONE! Have have you all been?

I finally have the time to just sit down and feel like blogging tonight. It really has been a while – more than 2 weeks since my last post. 2011 ARBA Convention was so phenomenal that I could still feel the excitement resonating until today! Truth be told, most of my time was spent with friends and recalling my memory, I do not remember playing with many rabbits there. Mainly because there were so many friends to catch up with and secondly, it is not nice to open the coop doors and touch someone else’ rabbit(s).

Since the convention, many interesting things has happened. One of which I just found out is that my tribute video received an honorary mention in the latest ARBA District 8 newsletter. Thank you Amanda (the webmaster) for the honorary mention. It really means a lot to me.

Today is a happy day for me. Although there are still much work to be done here in Malaysia, I get to see some nice Holland Lops being produced locally. Nothing makes me happier than to know that rabbits from my previous breeding are producing well for others.

On that note, I must mention that I find joy in working with people who are on the same page as me. I like to work with very independent people and those who are very intuitive. When you find such people, you will realize that there is a “quiet understanding” (persefahaman). Without saying a single word, they are able to continue the effort in achieving the goals that you set out to achieve. Their objectives are so entwined and interwoven with yours that you can pass them half of your herd and they will produce exactly what you have in mind or even exceeds your expectations. I am glad to say  that what I just mentioned is not what I wish but it has and is happening right now. The one lesson from all my beloved friends in the USA that I will take to the grave with me is “GENUINE GENEROSITY”. I have written about “PAY IT FORWARD” and in order for you to pay it forward, you must have “GENUINE GENEROSITY” which can be equate to “LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY”. That means to give (and freely give) without expecting anything in return.

I am glad to have a couple of comrades in this hobby here in Malaysia. To be honest, it was very tough to work alone and at the end of 2010, I doubted and prayed really hard that this hobby will not only grow within my own capacity but also I shall be blessed with fellow Malaysians who are on the same direction as me. God has indeed answered my prayers. I have a lot of respect for my comrades because they are very sensible and are able to reason very well. They are able to set apart genuine breeders from those in it for the fast bucks. That is a good thing because it keeps them (or their pockets) safe. Another thing I like about them is that they are able to evaluate the quality of a Holland Lop pretty well based on the SOP, which is a skill they need to continue improving their own rabbits.

Universally, since we are all on the same page, the objective of improving the Holland Lop breed is moving ahead almost in auto-pilot mode. Everyone knows what they want/need to achieve and they know exactly what is to be done to achieve those objectives. That is very different with those who merely put a doe and a buck together without a clue what they are doing. I guess they don’t need to know what they are doing as the only thing they need to tell their (oblivious) customers is the figures after the $ sign (Ka-Ching!). Geez, not everything in life is about ROI (Return On Investment).

I am very grateful for my comrades because I am able to share and sometimes be reminded of certain details that I might have overlooked. The feeling that I can count on someone when I am in need of help is very reassuring. Though I hope the number of these comrades would grow but with just a handful, it is quite sufficient and it does feel like we have a little mini ARBA Convention going on here in Malaysia.

Well, I am no expert in soccer/football because while others are busy watching the EPL, I am busy breeding my rabbits. But I do know that in life, we do have to work together as a team and each one of us play a role in ensuring success. In soccer/football, the field is where the players test out their ability to jive with other players. In this rabbit hobby, our playing field is indeed our character, principles and will power to do what is RIGHT!

A Time, Space and Moment where you need not explain why you like Holland Lops!

The future is looking bright for these 2!

Thank you very much my fellow comrades, you know who you are!

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A Bunnyman’s Dream Do Come True

A taste of what's coming soon - photo courtesy of Julie

Around this time last year, I met a special person online. It was also the time of the 2010 ARBA Convention where a Holland Lop won BIS in the Open Show. The special person planted the idea that I should make a special visit to ARBA Convention. And as some of you might know and did follow my quest, I also attempted in the DiGi Youth – Free Your Ideas contest to win some funds but it was unsuccessful.

Little did I know, this little idea soon took a gigantic twist when my special friend started a Facebook group in hope to raise funds to make this idea and dream a reality. Some took the Facebook group as hard begging on my part but the immense support proved that I was LUVED! It feels like my dream has already come true being at the receiving end of such generosity and immense support. Some donated financially while others provided their moral support. I truly appreciate the support no matter what form, shape and sizes they come in.

The funds soon started pouring in from rabbit friends all around the USA. Soon more fund raising ideas were suggested and one in particular was to put a Holland Lop painting by my dad as an auction item. The auction went really well and in total, USD 1108 were raised for my air ticket to Indianapolis! Although, the amount did not cover the entire cost of my flight ticket, it was a mighty BIG help. And the shortage motivated me to work my butt off to save up more money for my DREAM TRIP. And that is the reason why you might have noticed that I have been inactive as far as blog updates is concerned.

For next few days, I will try to update my blog with photos from the 2011 ARBA Convention in Indianapolis. To date, over 23,000 rabbits has been entered in what is known as the MOTHER of all Rabbit Shows of the year.

I ask for your prayers for a safe trip and all of you fellow Malaysian bunny friends will be in my thoughts. I hope my trip will help me increase my knowledge in this hobby so that I can share with all of you.

I do not know what to expect for now but all I know is that, the average Joe in me will have a life long dream fulfilled in just a couple of days away. This is very exciting indeed and I cannot wait to meet all my friends in person. I also look forward to meeting new friends in this journey.

As I make my pilgrimage to the land of Milk & Honey, a place where I do not need to explain why I love rabbits, I would like to again share this video that I have put together in dedication to all my supportive friends in the hobby. Watching the video again, I cannot help but to feel moved and emotional. WHAT A JOURNEY IT HAS BEEN!!!

Thank you all very much for all the immense support! God bless you!


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