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Thank You

I want to take some time to thank some of you that have written to me on the matter of adoption. Unfortunately, most of your inquiries were replied with a disappointing “no”. I found it quite ironic because there were times when I have a huge number of rabbits available for adoption without any takers. These were young and healthy stocks mind you but apparently people seemed to be conditioned to believe that “there is no free lunch”. In that sense, I found it quite funny.

I appreciate all the inquiries so far and I try my level best to accommodate them.

For those of you who have rabbit(s) available for adoption, please feel free to email me your contact – Perhaps I can start off an adoption drive on this weblog. My terms would be that the rabbit(s) should be for free, healthy and free from diseases. I will only act as the mediator between adopter and the person seeking adopter for his/her rabbit(s). I will share contacts between the two and you will have to make all the necessary arrangements yourself. I will not be responsible for any disputes that may happen thereafter. I am extending my invitation for you to utilize this weblog as a channel to find a pet rabbit as well as offering a pet rabbit to someone else.


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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Have a blessed Chinese New Year Everyone and Everybun!

CNY2014 (Small)

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Happy New Year 2014

HappyNewYear (Small)

Once again, we have crossed the line into year 2014. Bunny wise, 2013 has been mundane and nothing in particularly significant. I guess that is a good sign for me because it is in maintaining mode.

Over the years with the many experiences, most of the downs are no longer being handled and seen as downs. For example, I no longer fear rabbits going off feed which happens for no particular obvious reason because I am prepared and know how to handle such situations when they do happen.

The only down for me would be losing a rabbit in death if I have control over the cause of death and did not do anything to remedy the problem in the first place. Such situation did not happen throughout 2013 (touch wood!).

So what will 2014 bring for Tru-Luv Rabbitry?

This year, I did not make any New Year’s resolution. I find no reason to because I would like to enjoy the hobby as it is without any expectations for the bunnies. Breeding is no longer a priority and if I do breed them, I will most probably share the rabbits with like-minded people – those that truly love their pet rabbits.

However, I would love to take more photos of my rabbits. I find that very fun because it brings both my interest in rabbits and photography together.

One of the questions I received is about aggression in rabbits. I’ll leave you with a good video I found regarding this subject on to start off the New Year.

P.S.: The main reason why I encourage pet owners obtaining rabbit(s) from me to neuter their rabbits. If they are for pet purposes, they should not be aggressive because most of the time, pet owners want to keep them in pairs.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Today being Christmas, I received a very special present from my god son and god daughter. They know that I love rabbits and gave me Apple flavored Milk Candies from The World of Beatrix Potter. Luv them to bits and pieces both the candies and my god children!


On to some less serious stuff. I cannot believe that we’re entering the 7th year of Tru-Luv Rabbitry. As I strive for improvements while enjoying the hobby, it has been quite a wonderful year for the rabbits and myself. The highlight this year has got to be attending the 90th ARBA Convention at Pennsylvania, USA.

You can read all about it here - A Bunny Vacation.

During the holiday season, I also reminisced the wonderful time I had at the 88th ARBA Convention at Indianapolis, USA. I wrote a much more interesting post back then and you can read all about it here – 88th ARBA Convention Through My Lenses.

Year 2014 shall be a year we go back to basics. Firstly, I hope to write as often as I can so that our avid/loyal readers will once again enjoy revisiting and reading the contents. I will try to be less intense and vulgar (try my best that is). The level or sarcasm should remain because that adds color while I get to release some creative juice.

2014 will be a great year for Tru-Luv Rabbitry. I would like to thank everyone for visiting this weblog. I personally am very happy that it is still very much alive and kicking. We have just renewed the “dot com” domain for another year.

IMG_9940 (Large)

And with that, I would also like to wish all readers and friends….

the Happiest, Jolliest of Christmas and a Wonderful New Year 2014!

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Happy Birthday Copperfield!


This handsome guy turns 1 year young today!

Thanks to Michelle for being such a wonderful owner and sharing his picture with me!

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The feeling of seeing cute things can be hard to describe but we cannot deny the fact that they usually tickle a part of our heart. I am a sucker for cute things and that is one of the reasons why I find Holland Lop rabbits attractive.

I am thankful that throughout my life there has been a constant supply of cute things.

As Thanksgiving Day draws near, can you recall the cute things that you are grateful for?


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Luv Is In The Air


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by | February 14, 2013 · 11:42 pm

Be Prosperous!


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by | January 28, 2013 · 3:24 pm


I believe throughout history, the one thing that follows after chaos is none other than PEACE.

In our own lives, there are many wars and I do not mean physical wars but more of emotional wars. I would like to write more about wars relating to keeping animals as pets.

I am not sure about others, but both my parents have seen me gone through wars growing up having pets throughout my life. The many wars do have a great adverse effect on their pockets too, but that is besides the point. The wars were intense and so much so, they tend to say that I love to “Chook Choong Yap Si Fatt” (henceforth CCYSF in short). CCYSF means “cari pasal” in Bahasa or plainly put, “looking for trouble”.  When translated directly, it means inserting worms into one’s @ss. The Chinese community really have a way of explaining things no thanks to all the proverbs the learned have discovered throughout history. To explain further on the term, worms usually are expelled from the @ss when we go through deworming, getting rid of the “troublesome” worms in the process. Inserting worms into the @ss simply is the opposite denoting how one tries to inject troubles into one’s life. My parents are still clueless as to why I love to keep pets and all the headaches that come along with the hobby. Come to think about it, life could be less burdensome minus all the daily bunny chores, expenses and dramas.

I am sure life for all of us are pretty peaceful if all the dramas did not exist. Somehow, I believe we humans tend to grow restless when there is peace. We need something to jolt us out of our “comfort zone” or peace.

Most of the time, I noticed chaos in a new bunny owner’s life. Mind you, I have had my fair shares of chaotic situations and my wife can attest to that. It boggles her until today why I like to CCYSF just like my parents too. Every pet owner can experience many degrees of chaos while raising their pets. Chaos comes in its greatest force to those who are extra paranoid. Paranoid bunny owners tend to CCYSF more than others. An example would be like those who are so concerned that their doe do not nurse its kits and interferes causing the death of the kits. A grave mistake for not understanding the behavior of a doe in the wild that leaves her nest so not to draw attention to it.

Since 2007, no one can imagine the chaos I went through. But for each chaotic moment, it offered me an opportunity to find PEACE. Imagine that back then, awareness about Hay and quality rabbit food were almost none existent. How far have we come?

There was so much trouble on my mind and the song Bridge Over Troubled Water was just not the song for me.

When we have trouble with finding good rabbit food. THERE IS CHAOS.

When someone acts up and cuts you off rabbit food. THERE IS CHAOS.

When our rabbits go off feed. THERE IS CHAOS.

When someone cheats you by selling you a sick rabbit. THERE IS CHAOS.

When work, family and other life priorities over take our hobby. THERE IS CHAOS.

When our rabbit’s teeth grows awkwardly. THERE IS CHAOS.

When we import rabbits. THERE IS CHAOS.

When we worry for our RM xxxx imported rabbit. THERE IS CHAOS.

When our rabbit dies. THERE IS CHAOS.

When our does are not interested to breed. THERE IS CHAOS.

When our the rabbitry is filled with too many babies. THERE IS CHAOS.

When our rabbit have mites. THERE IS CHAOS.


There is so much chaos, how can we find PEACE?

For all these CHAOS, I can (not so) gladly say that I have been through them all and have found the best solutions for all of them. What do I do with all these knowledge?

As far as I know, I have poured out into this blog hoping to bring PEACE to fellow rabbit owners.

Unfortunately, sometimes I really feel that by doing so, I have done what I have always been doing, CCYSF! Why do I share information that can otherwise earn me some big bucks?

That is because I love to Chook Choong Yap Si Fatt! I strongly believe that bad breeders, liars and cheaters only deserve to live in my @SS!

2013 continues to be a PEACEFUL year because we have many wonderful products to support our bunny hobby.

Both Genesis Ultra Premium & Versele Laga Rabbit & Guinea Pig food have proved to be very reliable brands. I have PEACE knowing that my rabbits are given the best!

Our very own Timothy Hay have also rise to the occasion in bringing PEACE to many rabbit owners as far as fulfilling the chewing and fiber needs of their rabbits. Whenever you feed TinyCritterz’s Timothy Hay, rest assured that is exactly what I feed at Tru-Luv Rabbitry. My mind would be at PEACE if I were you. We been through the CHAOS, you enjoy the PEACE we found.


Just before I end my New Year’s Day post, I would love to share the best question I received in year 2012.

A few breeders approached me throughout the year asking me, “HOW COME MY DOE IS NOT INTERESTED TO BREED?”

I must first thank the people who have asked me this question. I know they asked because they see me as an expert and could offer help. For that, I must thank all of you for looking so highly on me.

However, when I first receive this question, I was dumbfounded. In actual fact, I do not have the answer and I do not think that I will ever have the answer. At that moment, I can only wish that I can be one of the Transformers robots. If I were a Transformers robot, I would love to be named RABBIMUS PRIME.

I would really love to be a rabbit to know why the doe was not interested in breeding. I would like to be able to have a rabbit to rabbit, one to one talk. Perhaps I will be able to solve one of the biggest CHAOS most breeders go through.

And where does that leave me?

One of the resolutions I have for year 2013 is to be a Rabbit Whisperer and the other is to bring more PEACE solutions to fellow bunny owners’ lives (No thanks, I do not need a Noble Prize)!

May you have less CHAOS and more PEACE in 2013!


Be Still, Be At Peace...

Be Still, Be At Peace…

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Retrospective 2012

Here we are again, the end of year 2012 and in another 10 days, we will be celebrating Christmas. It is the time of the year when I reflect on all the achievements and shortcomings throughout the past year.

Year 2012 is a pretty uneventful year as far as Tru-Luv Rabbitry is concerned. A couple of shows placing well even though with very low number of entries was the biggest deal for me this year (ROFL). The shows were fun and that’s about it I guess.

The best thing that has happened in the local rabbit world is having access to Genesis Ultra Premium rabbit feed. This is the best feed I have ever used for my rabbits by far. The results are far too obvious not to be missed!

Not many rabbits born this year in the rabbitry due to other parts of my life – work, family and everything in between. I have a strange preference for wanting to be around for my does when they kindle. I have not been around much throughout the year.

It is scary sometimes to have the priority switched back and forth between the many commitments I have in life. At times, having so many rabbits start to make no sense. Truth be told, this is a real thing that goes through every hobbyist’ mind. The mind starts to play tricks on you especially when you are busy with other appointments and it is bunny chore day!

At times like these, you will slowly start to realize that there are more important things in life than to wrap yourself with all things rabbit and you become sane again. As for me, rabbits seem to pop up everywhere I go reminding me of my commitment towards those little furry critters under my care. With less to care for, it is some sort of enlightenment and you feel very liberated. You are able to breath a little easier.

During most clean up days, I tend to have less desire and reluctantly, I will pick up the cleaning utensils and start to complete each bunny chore. While cleaning, a sudden renewed feeling flows through my entire being and the love for the hobby rekindles.

It is then I realized that it is a conscious decision we make to love a particular thing or another living being. If it is based on only feelings, I am sure many unfortunate rabbits would have been abandoned.

The very moment we make the decision to start on something, we must make that conscious decision to pull through it under all circumstances. And with conviction, I am sure the hobby will last a lifetime.

Tru-Luv is a decision and journey, many possible destinations.

You can never disappoint that cute little face!

You can never disappoint that cute little face!

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