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Blessed Easter 2015!

Easter1 (Medium)

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by | April 4, 2015 · 2:50 pm

Happy Lunar New Year 2015

Here wishing all of you a prosperous and happy new year. May the year of the goat brings peace and joy to our hearts.


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Merry Christmas 2014!

Here wishing one and all Joyful Holidays, Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year 2015!


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What Christmas Really Means Around Here

Living in a multi-cultural environment can be very interesting because we get to experience the diversity that it brings. Each unique celebration brings about and stirs up different feelings within us. The music from each festive season reminds us that it is time to send warm greetings and well wishes to each other. Take the Chinese New Year for example. From its origins, it is a time when the first sign of the Spring season is being celebrated after a long harsh Winter. But as for us living in the tropical climate, the Chinese New Year is usually celebrated during the month of January or February. We all know how warm it can be during these months and it does not in any way make us feel that it is Spring time. But I am sure that the music played in the malls will always make us feel a little warmer.

Likewise, during the month of November and December when we experience more rainfall, can make us feel cooler. With the celebration of Christmas, we can almost feel the “snow”.

Whatever the celebration, there will always be one thing that most if not all of us should experience and feel – the JOY in our heart.

The world in itself is already quite depressing with all the negative news about wars, religious intolerance, and the many unnecessary issues created to cause disunity and conflicts. We are in fact all humans and have the same (red colour) blood running through our veins.

Let us not forget our role to wish each other well in whatever occasion. The least we can do is recognize the JOY of giving. not necessary material things but giving our will and desire sincerely to see our neighbours, friends, or acquaintances happy. The world is in dire need of compassion and most of all, LOVE…

IMG_6477 IMG_6451

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Let the cuteness flow….


Am I cute or what?


Double dose of cuteness!


You got to love the natural posers!


If you’ve got an itch, you’ve got to scratch it!


Are we done yet? I am sleep….yawn…….


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It’s Snowing

Once again, it is snowing here at and that only means we are getting closer to the wonderful Christmas day.

Personally, it has been a superb year for me overall. The job is as amazing as ever, the family growing up nice and pretty, and there are just so many things to be grateful for. Christmas time is always magical. This year it will be extra special for the family and I as we expand the extended family. The biggest part of the celebration has always been around children and I am so excited that this year it will be just that – for the children.

Who would have thought that a friendship forged through the rabbit hobby more than 7 years ago still continues to grow. I have met many friends along the way and this gives a brand new definition to what friendship is all about.

Remember the reason for the season is LOVE and nothing but LOVE.

IMG_6237 IMG_6269

And to spread the Christmas cheer, here’s one of the songs that is looping on my playlist…

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It is the season once again

As a yearly tradition here at Tru-Luv Rabbitry, we have just started our Christmas photography session. Here’s a teaser for the season….


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Thank You

I want to take some time to thank some of you that have written to me on the matter of adoption. Unfortunately, most of your inquiries were replied with a disappointing “no”. I found it quite ironic because there were times when I have a huge number of rabbits available for adoption without any takers. These were young and healthy stocks mind you but apparently people seemed to be conditioned to believe that “there is no free lunch”. In that sense, I found it quite funny.

I appreciate all the inquiries so far and I try my level best to accommodate them.

For those of you who have rabbit(s) available for adoption, please feel free to email me your contact – Perhaps I can start off an adoption drive on this weblog. My terms would be that the rabbit(s) should be for free, healthy and free from diseases. I will only act as the mediator between adopter and the person seeking adopter for his/her rabbit(s). I will share contacts between the two and you will have to make all the necessary arrangements yourself. I will not be responsible for any disputes that may happen thereafter. I am extending my invitation for you to utilize this weblog as a channel to find a pet rabbit as well as offering a pet rabbit to someone else.


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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Have a blessed Chinese New Year Everyone and Everybun!

CNY2014 (Small)

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Happy New Year 2014

HappyNewYear (Small)

Once again, we have crossed the line into year 2014. Bunny wise, 2013 has been mundane and nothing in particularly significant. I guess that is a good sign for me because it is in maintaining mode.

Over the years with the many experiences, most of the downs are no longer being handled and seen as downs. For example, I no longer fear rabbits going off feed which happens for no particular obvious reason because I am prepared and know how to handle such situations when they do happen.

The only down for me would be losing a rabbit in death if I have control over the cause of death and did not do anything to remedy the problem in the first place. Such situation did not happen throughout 2013 (touch wood!).

So what will 2014 bring for Tru-Luv Rabbitry?

This year, I did not make any New Year’s resolution. I find no reason to because I would like to enjoy the hobby as it is without any expectations for the bunnies. Breeding is no longer a priority and if I do breed them, I will most probably share the rabbits with like-minded people – those that truly love their pet rabbits.

However, I would love to take more photos of my rabbits. I find that very fun because it brings both my interest in rabbits and photography together.

One of the questions I received is about aggression in rabbits. I’ll leave you with a good video I found regarding this subject on to start off the New Year.

P.S.: The main reason why I encourage pet owners obtaining rabbit(s) from me to neuter their rabbits. If they are for pet purposes, they should not be aggressive because most of the time, pet owners want to keep them in pairs.


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