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A Bunny Vacation

After a long, wonderful and productive year of sheer hard work, I decided to take a short vacation. It was a long overdue visit with my bunny family in the USA and I decided that the most appropriate time to visit was during the ARBA Convention since this is the time when most if not all my bunny friends will be gathering at the same place.

My view while having coffee at Terminal 2, Paris CDG Airport

My view while having coffee at Terminal 2, Paris CDG Airport

Unfortunately, not all friends that I met at the 88th ARBA Convention (Indianapolis) attended the 90th ARBA Convention which was held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg, PA (October 19-23, 2013) and to make up for that, I met many friends in person for the first time after many years of correspondence.

At the main entrance at 5.30 am.

At the main entrance at 5.30 am.

At the entrance of the Show Room.

At the entrance of the Show Room.

Empty Holland Lop section at 5.30am on Friday.

Empty Holland Lop section at 5.30am on Friday.

Train track over the river.

Train track over the river.

A shop in Harrisburg.

A shop in Harrisburg.

A very busy and full Open section on Saturday.

A very busy and full Open section on Saturday.

My trip to the USA this time around allowed me to set foot in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was Fall/Autumn and all three places were filled with beautiful colors.

Apples at a friend's farm.

Apples at a friend’s farm.

I am so blessed and lucky to have a huge bunny family that not only welcomed me into their homes but also allowed me to visit their rabbitries and showed me around town. I was able to live as a local for a couple of day and it was an experience one will never get being a tourist.

The beautiful colors on the trees during Autumn/Fall.

The beautiful colors on the trees during Autumn/Fall.

Part of the pine tree.

Part of the pine tree.

From within the bridge looking out.

From within the bridge looking out.

Beautiful flowers blooming.

Beautiful flowers blooming.

A tree with senses.

A tree with senses.

Awesome landscape.

Awesome landscape.

The many farm houses.

The many beautiful farm houses.

My favorite white fences.

My favorite white fences.

Silhouette at dusk.

Silhouette at dusk.

After helping with bunny chores at the show room in Pennsylvania, we visited the National Civil War Museum and Hershey’s Chocolate World. We had a lot of fun learning about history and chocolate production.

The monument outside of the National Civil War Museum.

The monument outside of the National Civil War Museum.

Self explanatory photo. :P

Self explanatory photo. :P

Lots of chocolates!

Lots of chocolates!

One of the highlights of the 90th ARBA Convention was the passing of Tort and REW Lionhead as an official breed.

A very gorgeous Tort Lionhead rabbit.

A very gorgeous Tort Lionhead rabbit.

The other amazing thing that happened was the 1st presentation and passing of the Argente Brun. A truly magnificent  and gorgeous breed to look out for. I look forward to its passing as another official ARBA breed.

A worthy presentation specimen. Such beautiful rabbits!

A worthy presentation specimen. Such beautiful rabbits!

Just before I left the USA, we did a 10 hours road trip from Pennsylvania back to Indiana and the sceneries are to die for!


The barn.

The beautiful corn field.

The beautiful corn field.


The corn field at dusk.

I must thank my bunny family and friends for their warm hospitality and taking good care of me throughout my trip to the USA. As I continue to miss all of them, I look forward to visiting them again.

It will not be complete without a picture with my favorite breed - The Holland Lop!

It will not be complete without taking a photo with my favorite breed – The Holland Lop!

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Hello from 90th ARBA Convention

This was before all the rabbits arrived…





All I have to say at this point of time is, it is very good to be here with all my wonderful friends. It rekindles my love for the hobby and affirmed the fact that there are so many nice, genuine and respectful people out here.

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Its A Sign!

I cannot emphasize enough how strange it is that rabbits seemed to be appearing before my eyes somehow, somewhere and at the strangest of places.

I was in China, this entire week and on the very last day, came across this poor little bunny in this tiny little cage waiting to be sold on a pedestrian bridge. Felt a little helpless that I was unable to do anything to improve its living condition at that point of time.

Nonetheless, I took it as a sign that I am moving along the correct direction amd true enough found what I needed not long after the encounter.

“Follow the white rabbit” as it was once said….


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The Neighborhood Park Bunny

Meet Mohan.


Mohan is the neighborhood park bunny. His owner brings him to the park every evening where park visitors get to meet and pet him.

Mohan is over a year old and is blind on his right eye.

I am in awe of the relationship between Mohan and his owner. Mohan will rest motionlessly on his owner’s shoulder as he is being brought to the park everyday and he will not run too far away from her.

The good thing is, it is not rare that we get to see rabbits being treated so well and it makes me very happy to see that even a rabbit is taken as a very good companion animal in a regular household.

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Hard work pays!

The 89th ARBA Convention at Wichita, Kansas has just concluded. Technology has made it possible for us living near and far to get almost instant updates on all that was happening which made it more bearable not being there in person.

I am sure the feeling of being present on location is very much different from looking at photos and watching videos. Certain things like the intensity, energy and massiveness of such an event can only be felt on the ground.

Though I have made a promise to myself to try and attend the ARBA Convention yearly with the sole intention of visiting my beloved bunny friends, God had a different plan for me this year. I was blessed with the opportunity to briefly visit 3 different states in the USA and one of which is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Until today, I am still awestruck by how massive it is and its energy is beyond the imagination. Photos are unable to describe how majestic this place is.

The size of the people on the edge only shows how huge this small section is.

This is but only a very small part of The Grand Canyon.

It really feels like I was at the top of the world and the feeling is impossible to describe, simply out of this world. And that was one of the things I was preoccupied with when most rabbit breeders were busy preparing for Convention.

Nice as it may seems, there were hard work involved in everything and in everything there is a price. That brings me to the next part of the intention of this post.

I have known the wonderful family over at the Three Little Ladies Rabbitry since the initial days of my rabbit raising journey. Though younger, the girls have been raising rabbits (seriously) for much longer than me and their collective years of experience surpasses me by many miles.

After such a long time, their hard work finally paid off at this year’s Convention when one of their Jersey Woolly rabbits was crowned Best Of Breed in Open. Their win inspires me as it is a good testimony of how hard work and perseverance can bring about sweet victory. I can always remember that tiny little girl holding one of her rabbits in that news article and I am sure that little girl has grown to be much taller than I am.

Congratulations to the Usakowski family especially Taylor & Jessica!

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Rabbit & Life’s Directions

You can always trust a rabbit to give you directions to safety and that is if you are small enough to fit into its burrow. In the movie The Matrix, a white rabbit is used as a reference for Neo to find Morpheus and to seek the answers to his questions about life. In the story Alice In Wonderland, a rabbit lead Alice into the world of uncertainties.

My life thus far has been filled with many interesting experiences and adventures. Not all evolve around rabbits but sometimes the signs can indicate otherwise. Rabbits have certainly brought many good friends into my life both abroad and locally.

The 89th ARBA Convention will be held at Wichita, Kansas next week and though I have no plans to attend, the ARBA Convention is something I really look forward to and if given the opportunity again, I will not miss the chance to visit all my friends in USA.

I am not sure about you but I do notice that the more you are interested in something, the more intuitive you will be to notice that particular thing that you are interested in. Similarly to myself as I will always look out for anything rabbit.

During one of my travels recently, I was greeted by a bunny at the airport though I was strictly on business. And this tickled my heart and made me realize how much my life evolves around rabbits.

Like Neo and Alice, I take that as a direction for me to continue on with life’s many uncertainties and wonderful experiences.

I am going down the rabbit burrow, what about you?

Another wonderful trip and another amazing experience!

Here wishing all traveling to the 89th ARBA Convention safe travels and all the best!

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Get Ready To Adopt!

If you are thinking of getting a pet rabbit, you may want to consider adoption instead of purchasing. A couple of days back, there was an article in The Star newspaper regarding the rabbit woes that our neighbor country Singapore is facing ( For such a small country, the number of abandoned pet rabbits is staggering. The HRSS must have their hands full trying to get new owners for all these abandoned bunnies. Here’s a link to their facebook page on the updates of their bunny rescues stories –

In Malaysia, we are unable to obtain a statistics as we do not have the HRSS but there has been clear indication that there are rabbits being put up for adoption nonetheless. It is sad that rabbits has become a fad/passing phase as the Year of the Dragon gets closer.

For those of you thinking of giving up your rabbits, please do not release them to parks or jungles as your domesticated rabbits will not be able to fend themselves. But if you are reading this, I am sure you should be civilized and learned enough to know that already. I urge all readers who know of anyone contemplating giving up their pet rabbit(s) please talk some sense into them so that they will continue caring for their pets!

Pet rabbits released in the park/jungle/public places will cause a huge problem like what we once read about what happened to the University of Victoria (British Columbia) –


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Raffle for Holland Lop painting!

The 2012 HLRSC Nationals will be held in Washington next year and in their effort to raise funds, the Northwest Holland Lop Club commissioned my father to paint a picture of a Holland Lop. The painting is 15″ x 12″ in dimension. A raffle is like a lucky draw where people who are interested will purchase a raffle ticket with the lucky number. A draw will be made at a specific time and in this case I believe it will be on the 3rd of December 2011 at a Rabbit show in Monroe.

Dad & I would like to wish the Northwest Holland Lop Club all the best in their effort to raise funds and may the Nationals be a huge success!

The Beautiful Painting for the Raffle

For more information please join the Facebook event –

How can you purchase the tickets?

Here are some information posted on the Facebook page:

If you are not attending either of those shows and would like to purchase a ticket, please message Tiffany Field privately here on Facebook or send an email to and she will give you her mailing address to send payment to. As soon as she receives payment she will send you an email with your ticket stub numbers and/or send you your half of the ticket stub if you so choose.

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88th ARBA Convention through my lenses

I would like to mention that this will be a pretty long (may not be the best as I cope with Jet Lag) post as I recollect my memories and experience at the 88th ARBA Convention held in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. As most of you have seen in my previous postings, I really had a blast and it was a dream come true for me.

I started out my journey to Indianapolis in the afternoon of 27th October 2011 at 2.30 pm. I arrived at Taipei International Airport for a transit and soon I was on the plane heading to Los Angeles, USA. There was a little delay in between Taipei and Los Angeles and that caused me to miss my direct flight into Indianapolis. I got a little panicky for missing that flight but was fortunate to get a replacement flight. I was stranded at LAX airport from 10 pm until 5.30 am when I boarded the plane to Detroit. It was the longest flight and at this point I was getting really tired from staying up at the airport. I then took an hour flight from Detroit to Indianapolis. I was scheduled to arrive at Indianapolis at 5.30 am on Friday 28th October and because I missed the flight, I finally arrived at Indy at 3.30 pm.

Momma Cheri and Aunt Karen came to pick me up from Indianapolis airport and boy was I excited to see them. My tiredness vanished and I finally found myself being very energetic. Asked if I wanted to freshen up at the hotel, I quickly said no and we were on our way to the show room.

When I arrive at Indy, I was greeted by the most beautiful Autumn or more fondly known as Fall by the locals. The journey to the show room took a little while and I cannot help but to notice all the beautiful buildings. The trees were covered with yellowish leaves which was a clear indicator that it was the Fall season. The temperature was just nice for me as I enjoyed the cool breeze.

Nice architecture all around

Beautiful Autumn trees

Looking at the buildings and surroundings, it does feel like I am in the movie while being here.


A Barn at the Fairgrounds

Love the architecture!

The moment I step out of the car, it feels as though my soul has found its home.

It ain't complete without the PEACE sign!

The Pepsi Coliseum - where the BIS judging took place

The entrance to where thousands of rabbits gather

Since judging only begins on Sunday morning, the show room was a little empty because most breeders will only arrive on Saturday. The South Pavilion entrance leads us into the youth show room and the open show room was further into the building.

Part of the Youth Section

The Floor plan

And since the show coops were pretty empty, I did not go round taking photos of rabbits but instead hang out with my friends most of the time. I was so happy to finally be able to meet everyone in person.

The awards being displayed at the HLRSC supply booth

One of the many show tables

This is where the Open Holland Lop judging took place

First thing Saturday morning, I took my camera and went around both the Open and Youth Show Room to capture photos of all the rabbit breeds.

I started off from the Chekered Giant and Belgian Hare sections

Each section is clearly defined by a sign for each breed

I am drawn to the Chekered Giant breed because it looks magnificent. But don't be fooled by its appearance because I witnessed how one of these hung onto a judge's apron and trashed him with its back legs. This breed is normally judged by the way it moves so a "run way" was prepared for the judging

I love a Belgian Hare when it poses. Very elegant!

The humongous Flemish Giant!

I like the rich grey color of the Giant Chinchilla

If I ever keep one of these English Lops, I will name it Jar Jar Binks!

The huggable French Lop or also known as Frenchie

In between the French Lops and the Holland Lops, it is the Mini Lops size wise

The Silver Fox is a very beautiful breed with "ticking" on its fur. I believe the term "steel" can also used.

The English Spot breed reminded me of the Dalmation dog

I always thought that the New Zealand breed only comes in white color but there were many other varieties as well:

Broken Black New Zealand

The REW New Zealand

The Red New Zealand

The Californian with its distinctive markings

Stunning Silver Marten

This broken black Rex rabbit looks very majestic

Another beautiful Rex rabbit that captured my attention

The Palomino

Blanc De Hotot?

The American Sable

This Beveren is cute!

The Cinnamon rabbit reminds me of Cinnamon Rolls!

The American Chinchilla which is slightly smaller than the giant version

The absolutely gorgeous Champagne D'Argent!

Beautiful Lilac

Creme D'Argent




A Satin rabbit. I really like its plush fur texture

A Mini Satin, smaller version of the regular Satin breed

A beautiful Mini Rex with a unique color

Florida White


One of my other favorite breeds - Dutch


The third Chinchilla breed, the Standard Chinchilla

I fell in love with the bright red color of the Thrianta

The Silver

Isn't this Havana gorgeous?

A beautiful REW Britannia Petite

An otter variation of the Britannia Petite

I saw many stunning Dwarf Hotot

The big eye of this Netherland Dwarf captured my attention. That is how the Netherland Dwarf should really be!

The posh Polish!

English Angora

I believe this is the Satin Angora

This little American Fuzzy Lop caught my attention. Just too cute to miss!

A friend's beautiful Jersey Wooly

Last but not least, my favorite breed, the Holland Lop section!

#2 Best Fur Holland Lop

At this point I was pretty much exhausted going through every aisle of rabbits in the Open Section so I decided to snap the Youth Show Room in sections instead of focusing on just one rabbit at a time.

Beautiful Tan rabbits

I am in love with this English Lop

A beautiful Jersey Wooly owned by my dear friends of Three Little Ladies Rabbitry!

The amazing thing about Convention is that, you will never find a breed without breeders. That’s what makes the Convention so special because you get to see many breeds under one roof. How I wish we have all these breeds in Malaysia.

On show day (Sunday), I could feel the intensity of the competition as all exhibitors/breeders crossed their fingers hoping to place well with their rabbits. I really enjoyed watching all the judges go through the rabbits and cutting the numbers down to top 10s. After the top 10s has been identified, the atmosphere gets more tensed and after the Best of Breeds are picked, there was a huge sigh of relief from all around.

The District 9 Director Dr. Jay judging one of the breeds

Mr. Allan Ormond working on one of the Holland Lop youth tables

Mr. Scott Rodriguez and Mr. Uno Kivi during the Youth Holland Lop Best of Breed judging

After all the Best Of Breeds has been identified, everyone adjourned to the Pepsi Coliseum for the group and Best In Show judging. In the Open, a White New Zealand was awarded Best In Show while in Youth, a Holland Lop once again was picked as Best In Show.

Group and BIS judging in the Pepsi Coliseum

ARBA Vice President Mr. Erik Bengtson going through one of the Youth groups

Like every other breed, this is the Holland Lop breed Auction where a number of beautiful Holland Lops were sold

That's me again picking the lucky ticket for the Raffles. Thanks to the HLRSC for giving me the pleasure of picking the lucky winning ticket.

At every ARBA convention, the breed presentation is held to pass new colors to existing breeds or passing the new breeds. Unfortunately for the Lionhead, its presentation did not pass this time around.

A cute little Blue Point Holland Lop waiting in the Presentation coop

My last evening at Indy was spent at the wonderful HLRSC Banquet where awards were given out to all who has placed Top 10.

Beautiful awards on display!

The artist who did all these awards is Emily Hromi from Ohio.

More awards!

And this year I have the pleasure not only to attend the banquet but also to donate a Holland Lop painting for the Auction. The highest bid was USD 750 and it was an unforgettable moment for me when the winner of the bid presented the painting to a fellow breeder – the breeder of the rabbit in the painting.

Beautiful framing done and donated by Momma Cheri

And then the day I dread arrived as quickly as how my journey started. It was an emotional farewell for me and I carry with me all the wonderful moments I shared with so many amazing people. I am still in awe by the fact that I was at this place where all the best in the USA gathers. Just imagine the big names in the hobby that I have heard of before this, I am able to put a face to all of them. And the best part is, we get to finally meet each other in person!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I did not know what to expect with this trip and I definitely did not expect to be bawling like a baby. I did not expect such amazing hospitality. I was not only accepted as just a friend but as a part of a big bunny family. I will cherish all these wonderful people that I have met in my heart as each and everyone has earned a part of my heart. I certainly did not expect to miss everyone so badly but I really did. It was indeed a week where I need not explain to anyone why I love rabbits.

I have also learned so much during the entire week and I hope that I will be able to share what I have learned back home. I do have some plans that I would like to present and dreams to be fulfilled back home. I hope to get the MROA up and running so that we can have those visions achieved. Besides from the technical lessons on how to raise quality rabbits, most of what I have learned are life lessons and humility is definitely the one most important lesson that I have learned. You really have to respect a winner that goes, “We did very well, thank you!”. That’s sheer humility and that is what you will get from the Best Of Breed winner!

Last but not least, I must also thank the people that are most easily taken for granted – my family. My gratitude goes to my wife who has been maintaining our household single handed. She is my pillar of strength and her support means the world to me. I would also like to thank my parents and especially my dad for helping me with bunny chores. Yes, that man that paints those beautiful portraits actually helps me with cleaning my rabbit cages while I am away.

Till we meet again USA!


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Goodbye 88th ARBA Convention, Indianapolis

Today being the last day of Convention, I cannot help but to feel sad. Although this hobby evolves around RABBITS, it is surprising to me that I am not feeling sad because I will miss seeing all these beautiful rabbits but rather, I will miss all the wonderful people that I have met. The real deal is that, it is not about rabbits after all but the friendship that you build upon rabbits. Rabbits are the true winner in this wonderful situation because it broke down all barriers of differences – culture and geographical location altogether. Who would have thought, an average Joe call Timothy Chan will end up in a place where Top Rabbit breeders gather to compete?

What I can share with my fellow Malaysians right now is that, the rabbit hobby here in the USA is really a big part of its AGRICULTURAL industry. We have to understand that rabbits are bred for many reasons beside for pets. And whatever the purpose for each breed is, breeders must breed for the best based on the Standard of Perfection laid down by ARBA. Although most breeds are raised for agricultural and commercial purpose, the “fancy” breeds are also included as part of the entire rabbit breeding industry.

And so what did Timothy Chan do in the 88th ARBA Convention?

To be honest, I have a lot of fun. For the first 2 days it was pretty intense because of the competition vibe. I learned a lot mostly through observation. Yesterday and today was a little laid back.

First, we had the HLRSC meeting to sort out some stuff. The highlight of the meeting for me was when my dad’s painting received an honorary mention because there is a raffle being put up by next year’s HLRSC Nationals (Washington) committee. I feel so proud of my dad and I really hope that the painting will raise substantial amount of funds for the organizing committee.

HLRSC Meeting

Then we went back to the show room for Holland Lop auction. I did not bid on any rabbits because I was unable to bring any home (heart breaking).


And to my surprise, I was asked to draw the lucky ticket for the HLRSC Raffles where 3 (a trio of) beautiful Holland Lops has been donated as the prize. Such an honor to be able to pick the winner for the raffle.

Picking the Lucky Winner!

The lucky winner was a youth breeder!

After the raffles, I was lucky to be able to attend Mr. Allan Ormond’s class for the youth. He is a renown/respected judge and I call him Gandalf of the bunny world. I learned so much in his session and I shall remember all the amazing knowledge that he has shared today.

Mr. Ormond, showing us how to look for a good Holland Lop

Before we left the show room, I helped to feed and water rabbits which without, my trip will not have been complete.

I have hay, feed and an apron just like a show breeder here. :)

I just feel overwhelm knowing that I will be leaving this wonderful place and its wonderful people. It makes me want to make a trip here every year. There is so much love here and it just blows my mind away. I really cannot thank all my friend here enough. I shall not mention names because I am afraid I might miss someone out and someone will be mad at me.

My friends here in Indy (you know who you are), a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for making my 1st Convention the BEST experience of my LIFE! I love all of you and I can never thank all of you enough. You have showed me that there are things in life that goes beyond the dollar sign and all of you have inspired me to be kind and “pay it forward” whenever possible. I will miss all of you very much and I will be thinking of all of you everyday of my life.

On that note, I would like to share a quote that came to mind early this morning while trying to get myself out of my melancholic feeling and here goes:

“When your BIG Dream is fulfilled, you become a BIGGER person. You then dream LARGER dreams, work towards getting them fulfilled and you keep on GROWING!”


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