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Premium Hamster Food


For those of you who keep hamsters or gerbils as pets, you might be interested in this new premium quality food. Priced at only RM 12.80 for 400g, it definitely pack a punch.



In case you are wondering, that’s Amber – my daughter’s pet hamster and she was the sweetest little Sapphire hammie. She was made beautiful by this wonderful product.

You can now purchase here.

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The Grouchy Rabbit

While surfing the net this morning, I fell in love with a website and I think I am hooked. Let’s just say that I am a little bias because the word “Rabbit” is part of the title of the website and it is Monday.

But I really did fell in love with because it “had me at hello”.

Just one sentence:

“The person that you hate the most will always like all your favorite things and ruin them all for you.” ~

How true is that?

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Recommended Reads consists of static pages and articles posted in chronological order. To date, I have written 1,349 posts on this site. Though I love to keep a journal of my journey in this hobby, the only issue I have with chronological blogging is that readers tend to miss some posts if they do not visit the site often. In this post I will share some of the top posts and my favorite posts written throughout the years.

Readers’ Favorites:

Here is the Top 5 list of posts and static pages that are most frequently read by our readers:

1) How Should A 8 Weeks Old Look Like

2) Essential Information

3) To cull or not to cull…that is the question

4) Normal, True Dwarf & Peanut

5) The Types Of Breeders In Malaysia

My Personal Pick

Here is my hand picked Top 5 posts that I feel might be worthwhile and informational for my readers:

1) The History of Holland Lop

2) Road To Grand Champion!

3) What Happen To The Points?

4) The 1000th Post

5) Who Would Have Thought?

These are but a few of the many articles written based on my thoughts, opinions and observations. Again, they are my own journal that I shared publicly and some may raise serious debates, disputes or mere interesting discussion topics. Either way, I hope my readers especially those who have just found this site and started following the newer posts, will take time to browse through the archives which date back to year 2007.

Happy Reading!

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Chow Down Monday


Order here today!!!

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A couple minutes of fame

I want to thank Natural Pet for the invitation to be part of this wonderful video. Simple and straigt to the point. Representing Tru-Luv Rabbitry is Murdoch. He is seen here in his best behavior.

Among other lessons beside knowing that it was a hot day and I am a “sweaty guy”, viewers can learn how I hold my rabbits (the right way) and trancing one during grooming.

Hope you enjoy the video…

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We Interrupt This Program For

I guess it is time for a product review.

What do we all know about Hamsters? Many people love them because they are cute especially with all the accessories like tunnels, running wheels and connecting fancy enclosures just to name a few. I believe those of us who have raised Hamsters at any point of our lives also know for a fact that they do have repulsive urine odor.

Having had success using this product on my rabbits, I decided to try it on my daughter’s classroom pet hamster. The idea of getting a “smelly” Hamster made the missus a little uncomfortable but surprisingly, she was the one who noticed the absence of odor when we started feeding Hamtaro the Natural Pet Deodorant Pellet For Small Animals.

Meet Hamtaro, Beth’s little classroom pet and fellow resident at Tru-Luv Rabbitry.

No more odor!

No more odor! And your hamster will beg you for more!!!

Hamtaro loves the mushroom extract pellet and we enjoy having him around the house without the repulsive odor that comes along with any regular Hamster. It really makes it a pleasant experience raising Hamster with this wonderful product.

Give it a try today by purchasing it online at for only RM 20 (excluding shipping)!

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Remember a couple of weeks back that I posted about Buttons and Yohji finding a new home? Good news is, they have found one! I am just so happy for everyone involved and must thank both the current and new owners for saying “yes” to take good care of them.

Tru-Luv Rabbitry weblog is entering its 6th year since conception and I felt that I have been somehow “abandoned” it lately. I do not mean the rabbits but the lack of updates on this weblog. The truth is that I feel a little uninspired to write these days due to many reasons. I also miss the time taking photos of all the bunnies still living here without paying rent (rofl). Most part of the “uninspiration” can be attributed to the disappointment how information shared has been misused and abused. Thus, it can be easily noticed that most of what I have written lately seemed to be uninteresting and lack good information.

On the upside and like all things, there are also people with good intention which this blog has helped along the way and I am happy to see them enjoying the hobby like I do.

Aggression, Neutering & Bonding

I received an email asking me about aggression, neutering and bonding. Reading the email, I cannot help but to notice how intertwined these three words are when it comes to rabbits. They are in fact related to each other. Throughout the years, I have noticed that aggression in rabbits is mostly caused by raging sexual hormones a.k.a. the desire to reproduce. Since every individual rabbit is different and thus making it not a 100% sure proof solution, neutering can be attempted to alter the aggressive behavior. If you are considering castrating your buck, do ensure that you do not attempt to bond him with a doe within a month after the procedure. Apparently, “live bullets” may still be chilling out somewhere in there.

And when it is finally time to bond the neutered buck with a doe, ensure that you introduce them at a place neutral to the both of them. Meaning to say, a new area in the house where both have not laid their claim as either their territory.

Perhaps I should also open up the blog for discussion through the comments. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them as comments on this post. With that, I would love to leave you with a picture (as usual).


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Worldwide Launch

It is only natural for awesome people to come together and create beautiful things together. So it is in the case of the people behind The Show Table and my father, Simon Chan. For some time now, Simon has been creating beautiful paintings of rabbits in particular, which have been enthusiastically received across the globe. We were looking for ways to reach additional rabbit (and other pet) fanciers and that was when Ms. Gina of The Show Table approached us with an amazing idea.


We love her products and she loves Simon’s paintings – the rest, as they say, is history. In fact this is a historical moment because this collaboration took place across over 9000 miles from the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to South Bend, Indiana, USA!

Without further ado, here is the WORLDWIDE PREMIER of The Show Table featuring Simon Chan’s Art!

The Show Table products can be order at Additional information on products and fabrics available in Albums on The Show Table facebook page:

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New Bedding In Town!

I Heard There Is Something New In Town!

I Heard There Is Something New In Town!

Indeed, there is something new in town.

After months of try outs and finally gained approval from the bunnies and owners alike, I would like to recommend DryPetz – All Purpose Animal Bedding and Litter material. Made from 100% natural resources and biodegradable, DryPetz can last an entire week without change for individual rabbit litter box and is able to keep odor at bay.

The good thing about DryPetz is that, it does not turn into powder and cause irritation to the rabbits. The house is cleaner without dust all over.

It is available at in 2kg @ RM 8 and 5kg @ RM 15. Place your order now!


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Do Not Let Goodness Fade Away!

WOW is the word to describe DreamWorks’ latest animated movie Rise Of The Guardians and I shall not be a spoiler by disclosing the details. But what I would like to write about is my interpretation and the many positive points to take away from this amazing film.

I am sure you have noticed how much I am attracted to rabbits (or should I say, rabbits are attracted to me) and the first thing that caught my attention when I first saw the movie trailer was the Easter Bunny! I tend to believe now that any movie with a bunny in it is sure worth watching and my bunny instinct was absolutely correct (LOL)!

However, in my opinion this movie is not all about the Easter Bunny or any of the characters but I felt a connection with the many hidden messages behind the story line.

In the real world today, it is a constant struggle to balance between the good and evil. We sometimes believe so much in the evil and allow the good to fade away. In the end we loose hope, faith, trust, joy and many other good virtues that sustain us.

Look around us today, and we can see that there are so much hatred and resentments. Perhaps it is because we feel that we as individuals do not have the power to overcome evil and we continue to allow bad behaviors to dominate us. We are afraid to stand up for what is right and just thus, paving way for what is wrong to be turned into right under the pressure of the majority in favor.

It matters not our race, creed or religion as any beliefs with good conscience does not teach its followers to be bad. We need to constantly remind ourselves how can we contribute to our community and how can we assist in allowing the good to manifest itself.

Santa Claus asked Jack Frost a very good question in the movie and this question was exactly what I asked myself lately. When Santa asked Jack “What Is Your Center?”, it hit home for me because it reminded me how much we need to find ourselves in this world today. The question is almost equivalent to asking “What Is Your Passion?”. I am a strong believer in passion and it is better for one not to do what he or she is uncomfortable with rather than doing it halfhearted.

I came to know about Jack Frost when I was about 10 years old. I had bought a book entitled “My Christmas Book of Stories & Carols”. In it, the story of Jack Frost was written and he was a character with a lot of self doubt.

After more than 20 years, this book has been tested through time. Although a little old, I am glad that I have kept it for so long and now, my children enjoys the wonderful stories and pictures!

Of all the elements, he felt that he was the least appreciated without knowing that he had a role to play like any other. God did not make useless people and like Jack Frost, we all have our own talents and capabilities. We are able to contribute no matter how big or small through using our talents and capabilities. The moment we find our passion, there is no limit to what we can contribute to the world at large.

As for me, I have the passion for many things but the one thing I love most about myself is my talent in writing. I love sharing my views through writing and hope through what I write, I am able to touch and help others. I am glad that many have came to know about this show rabbit raising hobby through this blog and that is in itself an achievement for me. And not only I am able to share my experiences through this blog, I find that many people are much more knowledgeable in caring for their pet rabbits.

What Is Your Center?

This is a must watch movie!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures and video posted on this blog post. They were obtained through various websites namely http://zayzay.com and

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