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Coping With Death

Death is an inevitable event in both humans and animals alike. Throughout the years, I have experienced and felt the sorrow of losing my pet rabbits. Every pet owner will go through it because we usually outlive our beloved pets. The pain is harder to handle especially with those we have bonded for a number of years.

How do I usually cope with bunny death?

It was really hard for me initially but I have found a way to console myself. Many people believe in the Rainbow Bridge – a paradise for dead animals they say. I do believe there is a paradise for animals when they die. I believe that beyond the Rainbow Bridge, is a place where each dead animal finds a forever human companion.

I imagine everyone in heaven have a pet of their own. Every child in heaven have an animal keeping him or her company. It is the most wonderful thing anyone can imagine.

The pet and its human companion is inseparable. It goes wherever the human soul goes even though there are no danger in Heaven. Sometimes, a human soul can have multiple pets. There are no cages or “rabbitry” in Heaven so to speak, and every bunny is free to roam safely.

Each time I lose a bunny, I would console myself knowing that someone up in heaven will be receiving another beautiful companion.

On another (totally unrelated) note, there is a new movie entitled “Frozen” that is being screen in the cinemas. I highly recommend it for both young and young at heart. I am recommending it because I am quite bias in the sense that the words “True Love” were two frequent used words and that is exactly what the movie is all about.

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Passion Shapes Destiny

I am still in awe and disbelief how wonderful life has been since I started this hobby. Counting the years since I befriended so many wonderful people and it has been eight years of friendship for a few. Along the way, there has been times when there were less communication and that could give way for doubts to creep in. Just like in marriages even if couples are close by, lack of communication may result in many issues and what more with friends living far apart from each other.

There has been times when I started doubting and felt that many of friends have drifted away. The trip to the USA proved that I was so wrong. The fact is, rabbits are just one part of our lives and the reality is that we all have other commitments and priorities to attend to. As we grow older, multi-tasking seemed to be a little more difficult and finding time to reach out to one another can be a challenge.

I must admit that we all need to have a recharge once in a while to renew the spark of our friendships and love for each other as friends and family.

“You do not need rabbits to belong”

The depth of our friendships goes beyond the rabbit hobby. The friendships are so deep rooted that even if there is no more rabbits on earth, we are still a close knitted family.

This year at convention, I could clearly pick out the sincere and true friends. I did not visit with as many compared to when I was at Indy 2010. It was strange because to some, I seemed invisible and people I once knew no longer able to recognize me. That was totally fine by me whatever reason it may be. I am just as happy to go about having a great time with those who I truly love and adore. Another strange thing I noticed is how people can be all vocal and friendly on Facebook and when in person, seemed like total stranger. Clearly, epic failure of “social media” in my humblest of opinions. Like why even bother “being friends” when you do not want to talk face-to-face.

As for all the wonderful things that has happened thus far, I attribute it to PASSION. I believe the passion I have for the hobby has shaped or changed my destiny. Every single step I make and at the most unexpected place, a little rabbit would appear. Perhaps I am a little more in tuned of my surroundings and I am happy to have all these little signs that encourage me to take steps moving forward.

A couple of friends approached me and asked if I have stopped raising rabbits. I do not think I will ever quit raising rabbits because I just cannot live without having rabbits in my life. But sometimes, the question that we really need to ask ourselves is whether the rabbits can live without us?

Does a rabbit have aspiration? A future to look forward to?

Does a rabbit have aspiration? A future to look forward to?

Do they yearn freedom in the great outdoors?

Do they yearn freedom in the great outdoors?

To be wild and free?

To be wild and free?

But I am sure as human, we want every bit of that to explore, learn and grow…

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Fuss Over Trance

When trance music exploded into the club/disco scene, practically everyone just went wild and crazy. They just danced away.

I cannot say the same when it comes of the topic of trance in terms of flipping rabbits around so that their belly face up. There are some groups out there advocating that trance is harmful to rabbits.

I for one uses the trance technique whenever I need to groom the fur on my rabbits’ belly or when I need to clip their nails. In a trance position, the rabbits stay completely still and I avoid the risk of clipping their quick.

In my humble opinion, it is much better for a rabbit to stay still when I clip their nails rather than having them trying to escape my clutches which I believe is more stressful. Furthermore, I usually clip nails all by myself without the help from someone to hold my rabbits. No fuss and done in less than 2 minutes per rabbit.

Another thing that people have to know is that, baby rabbits nurse with their belly facing upwards which is also the same as the trance position. And often times when mama bunny is done nursing, the kits can be seen sleeping on their backs. Again, that is trance – naturally. Mama rabbits never lie down for their kits to suckle but stand over them instead. So if lying on their backs is harmful, I could have lost many baby rabbits but in reality, I have not lost one bunny through trancing.

So let your hair down and TRANCE!


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Purpose 2013

When I first started out in this hobby years ago, I had a purpose – to prove that ethical breeding and responsible pet ownership is possible even in one of the smaller species like the rabbit. Having had seen the spectrum between the best and worst in pedigree dogs, I was excited to embark on a journey to prove to myself and hopefully to people who follow my blog that it is possible to provide rabbits with good standard of living while enjoying them as a past time either as merely pets, as show or breeding animals.

I remember very clearly that it started out as a little pet project of having them as just pets and thus their main objective and purpose of living was to provide me with companionship. And my purpose then was to ensure they are well taken care of. I remember very clearly that in some part of the world, to teach a child the sense of responsibility was to give them an egg and their main purpose is to ensure the egg does not break in their care for a certain amount of time. Likewise, throughout my years of keeping animals as pets, the number one objective is to keep them alive under my care with the basics and the basics soon change into full fledged pampering.

As the years go by, the purpose started to change. I learned about the showing sport and now the rabbits have different purposes because my “requirements” for having them has changed. I started injecting myself into this sport that chases for perfection and the measurement for perfection changes through time. Throughout the years, I met people who have come and gone in this sport and others have come full circle with many degrees of realizations. For those who have since moved on, I am not sure what was their rational behind their decisions but mine is of the dilemma of the entire world producing animals that are exactly identical in physical traits and characteristics without using cloning technology in hoping to garner the title of “best representation of the breed”.

Where I am at the moment and what is my purpose? This seemed to be a question that is constantly being asked no matter which milestone I am at while keeping Holland Lops as pets. It really does not matter where I am but it really matters which phase makes me happiest.

I can confidently say that being involved in “groups” or “clubs” is my least favorite part of the hobby. It distracts me with a lot of unnecessary happenings most of which are personality clashes and human related. It occupies my precious time from what matter most – my rabbits. Without a doubt, if I have to give an advice to new people embarking in the hobby, avoid bothering yourself with human matters unless you have all the time in the world to worry about petty disputes or unless you are a highly focus person that can stay above all the dramas. Most of the time frustrations will come in the form of differences of opinions and objectives/agendas.

Last week, I had the privilege of meeting and having a wonderful meal with a bunny couple. I could not agree more with one of them when he said that chasing after perfection does not really make sense to him when he knows for a fact that his rabbit is perfect. I was in awe by how spot on he was in identifying his needs and wants which helps a lot in identifying his purpose in the hobby. His thoughts further affirmed my beliefs that if we are not strong in our focus of our purpose in anything that we do, we can be easily manipulated and waver in our lives.

Besides from spending time cuddling, grooming and caring for my rabbits, I have enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts through this weblog. I take pride when someone mentions how much he/she has learned through this blog. It surprises me that someone will mention posts that I least expect people to understand and quoting what they have learned from it. Readers who gets the points put forth really understands them and that in itself is a purpose fulfilled for me.

My observation so far of the rabbit world at large is that there is a broad spectrum in terms of “rabbit communities”. There are the pet people, the in between pet and breeder groups, the hard core breeders and the animal rights activist groups. Each with their own set of distinctive objectives and agendas.

After putting myself in a few roles in this hobby, I still prefer the pet person in me. I find this role to be the most fulfilling for me. I am sure that many people agree with me that some of us just prefer to have a little Holland Lop bunny that looks like a little bulldog as a companion and pet. In many instances, I miss posing my rabbits and taking photographs of them. I am glad that throughout the years, I have amassed a huge collection of beautiful Holland Lop photos.

Coming full circle, what are my purpose and the purpose of my rabbits?

I must say that a purpose to live without requirements, expectations and judgments on the part of my rabbits.


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Syiok Sendiri aka Self-Patronage

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The Day I Quit Show Rabbits

I am a sore loser, I am this and I am that. You know what? I am whatever you think I am. The truth of the matter is, I don’t give a sh*t and I know who I truly am myself and that is what matters. It was definitely not easy to come to this point in my life but I am glad that I am here at this very moment with this exact thoughts.

For the past 6 years many events have taken place, crazy situations unfolded and of course the many changes that have resulted from good and bad decisions. It would be a shame if throughout the 6 years nothing have changed and most importantly if nothing has grown, improved and progressed. We all do seek for achievements and improvements in life else, we are merely existing.

Seeing so many out there who are just trying to be someone else makes me feel that I am very lucky to have found myself throughout the challenges life has thrown at me. Not many have the opportunities to do what they like and enjoy thus, they seek to imitate someone else hoping to achieve the same “feel good” rewards. Let me tell you, it never feels the same.

I for one have never liked imitating others and I shun from doing the things others do for the simple fact that being a follower, you are only limited to things you can follow. When a follower sees someone else admiring art, they tend to want to get their hands on a piece of art and go “goo goo gaa gaa”. But the question is, do you actually or really admire the art or it is just another passing novelty for you?

Throughout the years I have posted about how fun raising show rabbits are and have defined the meaning of what show rabbits really are. The glamorous Pedigree, Ribbons and Grand Champions. Some of my friends looked at me as if I have lost my mind. To a certain extent, I did.

Behind all the glamour, was a person lack the confidence and self-esteem. Behind all the glamour, was the yearning for affirmation. Let me give you an example of thought process for people who lacks and yearns for affirmation. This is something related to me by a friend who is single and yearn to be loved by someone of the opposite sex. People who are yet to find their other half or spouse usually have many self doubts and the question most asked, “Am I that bad not to deserve someone to love me?”. That is a very real example of one lacking the emotional affirmation.

What has that “emotional affirmation” got to do with rabbits you may ask? It has nothing to do with rabbits generally but, it has a great deal to do with some who call themselves “Show Rabbit Breeders”. I am not denying the fact that there are breeders who are truly working with the betterment of the breed in mind. Truth is, THERE ARE! I know of the rare rabbit breeders who are working their butts off trying to revive breeds that are soon going extinct. But on the other side of the extreme happens to be among those in the fancy breeds.

A lot of these breeders are chasing after their own acclaim and glory. Behind the pretences of “betterment of the breed”, “social networking” and “meeting the standards”, there is this darkness that consumes them – affirmation. It is plain sense of belonging, being accepted and recognized!

I must admit that during this time of vulnerability, one can easily succumb to falling prey to those who seek to take advantage of others and I had been in such situation many times. In the end it was a learning process that I have to go through and learn. I realized that I have allowed those situations to happen and have since empowered myself not to allow that to ever happen again.

To think of it, it is rather sad how we have diminished ourselves in order to get that “nod” for a rabbit we own. And the irony is that, the rabbit do not change us a bit and we are still the same person inside and out. The hypocrisy really is, the judges and people around us are saying that the rabbits are beautiful, not the owner!

Today, I celebrate all the Holland Lops and friends in this hobby who have helped me discover who I truly am. I raise my cup in a toast for all my rabbits that have bring out the best in me. I thank each and every one of them for teaching me priceless life lessons – love, responsibility, patience, kindness, simplicity and many many more…

So what becomes of Tru-Luv Rabbitry?

We are still the same like always, Tru-Luv Rabbitry remains a rabbitry built on the foundation of two (2) words – True Love. Are we still raising show rabbits? Of course, “show rabbits” are only mere words that represent our commitment for quality of life we provide our rabbits with. No matter, each rabbit deserves the best from us, the steward and for only as long as they live.

Sometimes, it is not the rabbits that need improvements but it is ourselves who are in dire need of help. Help to put us in perspective and even help to wake us up from a certain hallucination.

For the day I stopped being a Show Rabbit Breeder is not the day I stopped placing my rabbits on the table but in actual fact, THE DAY I QUIT SHOW RABBITS WAS THE DAY I FOUND MYSELF…

The Grand Canyon sure can put you into perspective!

The Grand Canyon sure can put you into perspective!

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How are everyone and everybun doing out there? It really has been a while since I last posted something (of interest) here. The long term heat does affect the ability to write to a certain extent. Bunny life can be a little mundane when you actually have a “real” job. Yeah, bunny man has been a little busy doing lots of non-bunny related stuff but have not forgotten about this sunny side of life.

First of all, the holiday seasons are around the corner and not long from now most of our friends will be celebrating the Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Thereafter I believe there will be many going on holidays. I guess that usually happens a lot during the last 2 or 3 months of the year due to school holidays and working adults “clearing” off their annual leave entitlement. As long as you’re going away, I hope you have made arrangements for your pets to be taken care of. If you have yet to find someone to look after your Rabbit(s) or Guinea Pig(s), please feel free to drop Mr. Brandon a call to make boarding arrangements. Very limited space available from what I have gathered. In my opinion, it is always better to have a fellow bunny person look after your precious bunny and the good boarding service provided by Mr. Brandon already received many praises. One of which reads…

Thanks so much for giving us Brandon’s contact for boarding. We were so impressed with the way he handled everything. He takes better care of them than I do. They were all well groomed and everything ready to go. He even took the time to wash all the bowls for us and the playpen too. Thanks again Tim. Had to check twice to see if they were our bunnies cause their fur looked well groomed


If you have not already make arrangements, I highly recommend Brandon’s boarding service. Also, please be responsible owners when you send your pet(s) for boarding and by responsible owners I mean that you should ensure that your pet(s) is/are healthy and free from parasites. We all must do our part to ensure that everyone’s beloved pet(s) stay healthy and happy.

As for rabbits at Tru-Luv Rabbitry, they did not have the luxury of enjoying a spa session but they did get their nails trimmed and fur groomed. They are happy bunnies nonetheless.

And I did enjoy a little photograph session after such a long time.

BSB1As usual, I would like to leave you with a quote:-

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


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Truth, Cock & Bull Friday

The amount of bullshit that is going around these days are totally appalling and I cannot help but to sympathize all new comers in the rabbit raising hobby. Day in and day out, new comers are flooded with information and misinformation by “seasoned” breeders and “self proclaimed” gurus of the “industry”. Like the usual, I would love to take on the role of the “bad guy” to clear the air and help confused new comers understand. And as usual, a picture speaks a thousand words and therefore, here are some photos to pick your brain. I did not say that knowing the truth is going to be easy and you still need a little brain power to reason before getting the answer.

I have made this a little more interesting whereby you are asked to judge based on whether it is the TRUTH, COCK (maybe, possible, iffy) and BULL (total Bullshit that is).

Are you ready?

Are you really ready?

Are you absolutely ready?

Are you absolutely really ready?




Have you got all the answers?

Are you sure you have all the answers?

Are you absolutely sure your answers are correct?

Are you absolutely really sure your answers are correct?

Do you want the answers?

Do you really want the answers?

Are you absolutely sure you are ready for the answers?

Are you absolutely very sure you are really ready for the answers?

Let’s do one more….


Are you ready for the answers?

Are you absolutely ready for the answers?

Are you really absolutely really ready for the answers?



Get Set……………………

Are you sure?

TruthYou want more answers?

Are you sure you want to know more?

Are you absolutely sure you want more answers?

Just one more…….


Nothing More….Nothing Less…..


HelloooOOooooo…… like since 2007?

When are you born again? Yesterday?

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How Far Can Selective Breeding Go?

I stumbled across this interesting video and cannot help but to wonder what will happen if it is apply on rabbits. Is it right? “How can nature co-exist with the unnatural?” seemed to be the question that plays over and over on my mind.

I have heard of Artificial Insemination used on Show Dogs a while ago to keep stud dogs free from STDs and it does have a higher success rate. But the thought of collecting rabbit sperm and fertilizing does manually sounds a little far fetched.

Perhaps through “selective breeding” we can produce a muscular Holland Lop?

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Music Break

True Love’s A Gift…


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