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The sweetest thing

Lumix is the sweetest male Holland Lop. He carries great genes of the breed. When bred with Unix, they produce beautiful baby bunnies.

When he came to Tru-Luv, he was just a little blurry boy. But he grew up to be a very stout and compact stud.

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Bandianna means bandy legged native girl in aboriginal. Bandie is one of the prettiest bunnies in the litter. She still is. Due to her mischievous behavior, she got her right leg broken. Apparently, she jumped into the hay rack and got her leg stuck in between the hay rack. It was a really bad break and the x-ray showed that her bones were badly broken. The broken bones were 2 inches apart. My beloved vet had to bandage her leg using a lightweight cast. After 3 weeks in the cast, her leg is almost back to normal although it looked a little crooked. Bandie is now back to her jumping menace.

Ultimately, I believe to be a responsible breeder one must not only keep the best but also be responsible for all the faults produced. Genetically, Bandie does not have faults but I believe a bunny with a broken leg will not be given its due respect and love. That is the reason I am keeping her unless someone offers to shower her with all the love she deserves.

NOTE: The material used in the bandage was a piece of splinting metal sheet (covered in foam).

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Mirrhi means little girl in aboriginal. I believe Mirrhi is a false dwarf. False dwarfs are used to lower the number of peanuts in litter. Reputable breeders usually avoid breeding 2 true dwarfs so that less peanuts are produced. False dwarfs make good substitute to produce true dwarfs and less peanuts.

Mirrhi was not small when she was born but as time goes by, she started to eat less compared to the rest of the litter. At first, I thought she was the peanut or runt of the litter but after consulting a breeder from US, she taught me about false and true dwarfs.

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Adina means good in aboriginal. When she was born, part of her right hind feet was bitten off by Unix. I believe she was the first to be born and Unix being a first time mother must have accidentally bit off her feet while cleaning her up. Eventually, Adina is growing up beautifully like the rest of the litter. I see a lot of potential in her even though she is missing half her feet.

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The photogenic bunny

This is Unix, the ever mischievous and naughty mama bunny. I noticed that she is such a vain pot. I realized that she was able to recognize the camera clicks now. These pictures were taken of her yesterday. She freezes and after each camera button click, she moved. At first I thought it was sheer coincidence. I shall give it a try again some other time to confirm my findings…

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About Tru-Luv Rabbitry

Tru-Luv Rabbitry is a newly (definitely not by a newbie but experienced pet enthusiast) established rabbitry aimed to produce and develop the best pure bred rabbits in Malaysia. Do not be fooled by the big word RABBITRY as this is will always be a very small rabbit herd. The size of the herd will always be controlled because individual attention is a must for all our rabbits. Currently specialized in Holland Lops, one of its vision is to create awareness among local rabbit enthusiasts regarding basic husbandry, diet and breeding.

“Stand up for LOVE, not money” serves as a motto for Tru-Luv rabbitry.

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