Bandianna means bandy legged native girl in aboriginal. Bandie is one of the prettiest bunnies in the litter. She still is. Due to her mischievous behavior, she got her right leg broken. Apparently, she jumped into the hay rack and got her leg stuck in between the hay rack. It was a really bad break and the x-ray showed that her bones were badly broken. The broken bones were 2 inches apart. My beloved vet had to bandage her leg using a lightweight cast. After 3 weeks in the cast, her leg is almost back to normal although it looked a little crooked. Bandie is now back to her jumping menace.

Ultimately, I believe to be a responsible breeder one must not only keep the best but also be responsible for all the faults produced. Genetically, Bandie does not have faults but I believe a bunny with a broken leg will not be given its due respect and love. That is the reason I am keeping her unless someone offers to shower her with all the love she deserves.

NOTE: The material used in the bandage was a piece of splinting metal sheet (covered in foam).


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