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The way I look at it, breeding is the same as playing video or computer games. You are given a number of “lives” and if you use up all the lives, the game will be over.

Breeding any pets is exactly the same as us given the lives but on the contrary I would like to look at it at a broader sense. The population of a certain type of pet in this world is accounted for. For example, I always believe that there is a threshold to the quantity of each species of animal living on earth. If the number goes beyong the threshold, it would mean an imbalance to the environment.

So the responsibility that I have as a breeder is not to cause an imbalance to the population of rabbits. The average kits per litter is between 4-6. Being a responsible breeder, I believe in contributing good quality animals into the environment we live in.

And like a game, each litter of pets we indirectly produce is like the lives given to us in the games we play. But I prefer to look at it in the sense that each BAD PRODUCT is a life lost. So the more bad products produced the less lives we have and the game will be over once the threshold is met.

Soon, I shall embark on a mission to help keep the game of life alive…

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Spreading the empire

Mirrhi will be going home with a very good friend of ours. It was definitely a very easy decision to make because I can trust my own life with this friend and Mirrhi will have a great life with her.

It is always better to give one of your babies to a close friend rather than selling them to a total stranger because you can rest assured to get updates on them as and when you want.

I will not say goodbye to Mirrhi since she will always be near.

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