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What’s Junior and Senior in the rabbit show world?

Junior = < 6 months
Senior = > 6 months

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Bunnies I used to have

I went through some old photo albums and found some pictures of bunnies I used to keep. Was trying to recall their names but just cannot remember one or two. Looking back at the pictures, I am glad to say that the local rabbit industry has improved tremendously in quality. It is quite obvious that there are breeders that brought in good specimens for breeding. I believe the quality can be further improved. And I hope it does.


Tyrese – Mother is a Lop, Father alleged an ND

Grey Owl
Lola – the fiercest lop I have ever encounter

Macy – the gentle giant (she is really big)

Simba – the alleged lion head

I just can’t remember the name for this one

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Super spring cleaning and photo session

Spend 4 hours this morning cleaning up my little rabbitry. It has been quite a while since I last did a thorough cleaning.

After the tiresome cleanup, I had a little photo shooting session. Judging from the photos, my lovely rabbits look the same from most of the previous photos taken. Was hoping they would be prettier but I believe they already are.





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One too lonely?

Many people ask if it is alright to keep just one rabbit and most are worried that their rabbits feel lonely. I always believe that if one does not intend to breed their pets, it is always good to keep just one. It is to spend all time and attention on just one pet. The pet itself will thrive. I do not advice particularly this for rabbits but also for other type of pets as well.

As for rabbits, most of the time when 2 unaltered (not neutered/spayed) rabbits of the same sex are housed together, they will fight once they reached sexual maturity. And if 2 rabbits of opposite sexes are housed together, the outcome would be having far too many rabbits that one could handle. That is beside the point and I have made previous posting regarding my views on breeding.

So my answer to the question if one should keep rabbits in pair to solve what we perceive as loneliness is that they should not keep rabbits in pairs. It is totally alright to keep just one.

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An addiction

Somehow I just do not get tired of keeping rabbits as pets. Somehow it felt as if there is a force pushing me to improve the quality of my current herd. I am looking forward in embarking on this great project and hope I do not stumble along the way.

Many would agree that rabbits are less interactive compared to keeping dog/cat as a pet. But anyone that has kept a rabbit as pet before could not agree more that it is very fulfilling. I just do not understand it but it seemed I have caught this rabbit fever since before I got Unix.

Hope the herd thrives.

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