Extended Family

I am very happy to have sold Yohji to this great couple. Through time we have became good friends. We even started a rabbit forum together and hopefully our objectives are achieved. If you are interested please register at Rabbit Realm. I recently got Yohji’s pictures and he looks lovely with his pose. I believe they have taken very good care of him. Yohji has got a companion too – Buttons. She grew up to be a stunner too. Both of them has been fixed and they are very well bonded.

I intended to raise my rabbits as house rabbits but it is very difficult because I do not have a place of my own. I somehow have an idea how I would want my indoor rabbitry to be and only time will tell whether my dream will be materialized. Yohji’s owners are the best people to advice on keeping rabbits in an apartment and I will definitely sought their advice when I have the chance to bring my bunnies indoors.

Till the next blog entry here’s the picture of Yohji (isn’t he CUTE!?):

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