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What a mess!

Woke up this morning to find that Noobie has topple over her water bowl. Lucky thing I added some Woody Pet to her tray the day before so most of the water was absorbed by that great litter material. I hope she do not continue doing this if not I have to change her water bowl to bottle or something better.


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Waste Management

I know that most HL breeders in US have a barn equipped with very effective watering and feed systems. But I have not seen those personally and it makes me wonder how they are built. Another thing that I am very curious about is how they manage the tons of “pellets” produced by so many bunnies. As it is, I have a big bag full of newspapers and “pellets” after every daily cleaning session. I cannot help but to wonder what is the best way we rabbit lovers can manage the litter produced by our beloved pets.

I hope someone could shed some lights on this matter as far as small scale rabbitry is concerned. I know on a larger scale, breeder used a bottom tray that is slightly sloped so that all pellets and urine will flow into the drainage, and then into the collection bucket. Is this method smell-proof as well? I believe there will be urine residue stuck on the drainage pipes and that would cause smell build up.

I am currently using Woody Pet litter for the bottom trays of the cages and also their individual litter trays. For me those wooden pellets are quite effective in absorbing a great amount of pee thus keeping the place dry and almost odorless. And as most would know, we are heading towards a worst global warming situation and producing more waste may worsen the current situation. I was wondering if I could do something with ideas which are most environment friendly and also cost effective.

Good waste management to share anyone? For rabbits kept indoors that is…


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Standardization of Litter Trays

Thanks SB for reminding me to take pictures of the litter trays. On top of that I also took pictures of the gang in their respective cages. I find this setup quite effective.






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Where Happiness Meets Sadness

I was suppose to invite a dear friend over for an official photo shoot. So before asking her to come over with her new gears, I decided to have my own photo session with the new gals on the block. It started off rather depressing because BlueBerry wasn’t posing at all, it seemed as if she do not have the right body length. The more I look at her, the more disappointed I was because she really looked like Slinky from Toy Story just ran out of the idiot box and transformed into a rabbit. It is just so darn depressing. But I still love her huge head with good curvatures. Her color is stunning too. Out of the entire “photo session”, I was only able to savour just one alright picture of her and here it is:


Then came Noobie’s turn. As I carried her out of her cage, she was such a good girl. She did not struggle at all. I was trying not to let her struggle too much in case she hurt herself. But she did not. I just started snapping some pictures and turned out there are quite a number that I liked. She was very well behaved when I placed her back into her cage. Unlike BlueBerry which put up a fight with me. I was so worried that she will hurt her back since she is SLINKY long…

Anyhow, these are some pictures that made my day:





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The Odds Of Perfection

I believe when it comes to genetics or life, nothing is certain. I am beginning to understand and coming to acceptance of the fact that in each litter of a successful breeding, there will always be kits of different qualities. The odds of getting the perfect specimen is always low and that is why breeders have to cull. Some kits have marvelous heads and others great length for bodies. And others are just pet quality. Breeding 2 show quality increase the chances of getting the perfect kit. How about breeding brood/normal does to a true dwarf show quality buck? Would that decrease the chances or it is never certain because we do not know how nature works exactly?

It would be good to acquire the best quality to begin the development and at the same time, that would be half the fun because there is not much effort put into developing something from ground up. What drives me in breeding is to see something good emerging from what is 2nd best. That would truly affirm that my breeding program is heading somewhere good. And it really takes a lot of good judgment to get there. Something I hope good breeders out there can help share their experiences with me.

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A surprise & Two misses

I have a calendar at the side of this blog and looking at it yesterday, I promise myself to write everyday so that it would be filled up.

Noobie gave me a little surprise last night. While I am keeping mums about the surprise, I would like to talk about the 2 misses instead.

Woke up this morning hoping to see to it that both BlueBerry & Noobie used their new litter trays. I was happy to see lots of pellets in it. But where is the pee? After adding Timothy Hay for them, I went about preparing breakfast. Then I felt that I had to check on them again. There and behold, BlueBerry was taking a leak but unfortunately not on top of the litter tray. Her front paws was on the litter tray and her bum was facing the tile I gave her. My goodness gracious. As I put my hand into the cage to clean up the accident, she was growling all the way and attempted to bite me. I hope that is hormonal.

Not too long after, Noobie took a leak too. And she also missed her mark. I guess both of them need to get used to the litter tray. They are able to fit just that I believe they have not used a litter tray before. Hope they pick the habit up soon if not then it would be really messy in there. Furthermore, I love those litter trays. If I were a bunny it would be one of my favorite things!

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New Litter Trays

Just got 2 new corner litter trays for the gals from Pet Lover Centre, Pyramid. Although they were a little small, the 2 gals could fit. I hope they use it well. Shall take more pictures later.

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Every scar has a history…

I just got confirmation from Christina that BlueBerry’s scar was inflicted on her by another cage mate when she was younger. Christina did mention about the scar but I must have forgotten due to the excitement this project brings. I believe the scar adds character to her laid back attitude. As for the bald spot. She pulled fur from that spot to build a nest for her previous litter. I believe it would grow back in no time.

Noobie is still shy as ever. Did not want to come down from her comfort zone – the litter box. I believe she is very used to wire and that gives her some assurance. Hope she will step on the tile I gave her soon. And her stomach feels hard to touch. Hope it is not any gastrointestinal problem because I found dirt in her water bottle. The staff at Japan did not refill their water bottle but placed a piece of dirt in Noobie’s!? Sure thing Christina would not do that. I am convinced it was those peeps at the airport! HmmmphHHhhhh…

More updates and pictures soon. Yohji’s owner just got herself a DSLR and we are gonna have some photo sessions soon.

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7 hours

The countdown continues.

On the sideline, I have been receiving quite a number of emails regarding adoption of Bandie. Some shows keen interest and others do turn me off. But like everything else, I learn something out of every email. I only have 1 conclusion to all the emails I have read. It is that Malaysians in general have very little or no knowledge about keeping rabbits. I hope the real situation does not reflect my findings because my findings are based on those who have got into contact with me. There maybe more who are very knowledgeable about this wonderful animal.

I also have to mention that I do get very good potential adopters. They do their research and are most of the time willing to learn.

I do appreciate inquiries and if need be, am very much willing to share but not to the point of spoon feeding though. You do have to do some homework before asking or getting a pet. It is the same for any other pet that you are planning to keep.

Thank you so much for your inquiries and I hope my replies have not offended any one of you. May you all find the right bunny whatever reason it may be.

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Approximately 24 hours left

The great surprised may be revealed in 24 hours. I am anxiously waiting for this hour tomorrow to arrive. This is so exciting…

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