Ethical Breeding: 10 Golden Rules

1. The one and only good reason for breeding is to achieve a certain standard specified by a recognized body. In short, it should be for the preservation of best qualities and traits of the rabbit breed.

2. Breeding to meet the market demand is never a good intention/reason. Best interest of the breed is more important than your bank account balance.

3. Keeping a next generation of your current pet should not be your reason to breed because it is not likely that the offspring will turn out to be exactly the same as your current pet. Furthermore, you have to ask yourself if your current pet have all the good qualities desired for the breed.

4. Extensive research has to be undertaken if you intend to be an ethical breeder. This usually last for years and not temporary. Developing a certain breed of rabbit is not a passing fad or craze.

5. Those with intention to be a breeder should always have a mentor and be enthusiastic in their hobby.

6. In order to assess the success of breeding programs, the breeder have the responsibility to keep track of his/her “products” whether show quality or pet quality.

7. Pet quality specimens must be passed on with a no-breeding contract. Spaying and neutering highly desired.

8. Show quality specimens must not be bred if they develop undesirable traits as they grow.

9. A responsible breeder is one who takes back his or her “product” for whatever reason specified by their owner.

10. My personal belief is that rabbits should not be exploited in any way. Many responsible breeders would love to give their “products” as cherished gifts to deserving individuals. This will help the community curb pet-milling and back-yard breeding problems. Since the world is not in such a perfect condition, I usually charge to cover the time and effort I put into this hobby. I normally make a loss having this past time. If people are unwilling to pay the amount I propose, I would encourage them to adopt which is a noble act


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