7 hours

The countdown continues.

On the sideline, I have been receiving quite a number of emails regarding adoption of Bandie. Some shows keen interest and others do turn me off. But like everything else, I learn something out of every email. I only have 1 conclusion to all the emails I have read. It is that Malaysians in general have very little or no knowledge about keeping rabbits. I hope the real situation does not reflect my findings because my findings are based on those who have got into contact with me. There maybe more who are very knowledgeable about this wonderful animal.

I also have to mention that I do get very good potential adopters. They do their research and are most of the time willing to learn.

I do appreciate inquiries and if need be, am very much willing to share but not to the point of spoon feeding though. You do have to do some homework before asking or getting a pet. It is the same for any other pet that you are planning to keep.

Thank you so much for your inquiries and I hope my replies have not offended any one of you. May you all find the right bunny whatever reason it may be.

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