Every scar has a history…

I just got confirmation from Christina that BlueBerry’s scar was inflicted on her by another cage mate when she was younger. Christina did mention about the scar but I must have forgotten due to the excitement this project brings. I believe the scar adds character to her laid back attitude. As for the bald spot. She pulled fur from that spot to build a nest for her previous litter. I believe it would grow back in no time.

Noobie is still shy as ever. Did not want to come down from her comfort zone – the litter box. I believe she is very used to wire and that gives her some assurance. Hope she will step on the tile I gave her soon. And her stomach feels hard to touch. Hope it is not any gastrointestinal problem because I found dirt in her water bottle. The staff at Japan did not refill their water bottle but placed a piece of dirt in Noobie’s!? Sure thing Christina would not do that. I am convinced it was those peeps at the airport! HmmmphHHhhhh…

More updates and pictures soon. Yohji’s owner just got herself a DSLR and we are gonna have some photo sessions soon.

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