A surprise & Two misses

I have a calendar at the side of this blog and looking at it yesterday, I promise myself to write everyday so that it would be filled up.

Noobie gave me a little surprise last night. While I am keeping mums about the surprise, I would like to talk about the 2 misses instead.

Woke up this morning hoping to see to it that both BlueBerry & Noobie used their new litter trays. I was happy to see lots of pellets in it. But where is the pee? After adding Timothy Hay for them, I went about preparing breakfast. Then I felt that I had to check on them again. There and behold, BlueBerry was taking a leak but unfortunately not on top of the litter tray. Her front paws was on the litter tray and her bum was facing the tile I gave her. My goodness gracious. As I put my hand into the cage to clean up the accident, she was growling all the way and attempted to bite me. I hope that is hormonal.

Not too long after, Noobie took a leak too. And she also missed her mark. I guess both of them need to get used to the litter tray. They are able to fit just that I believe they have not used a litter tray before. Hope they pick the habit up soon if not then it would be really messy in there. Furthermore, I love those litter trays. If I were a bunny it would be one of my favorite things!

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