The Odds Of Perfection

I believe when it comes to genetics or life, nothing is certain. I am beginning to understand and coming to acceptance of the fact that in each litter of a successful breeding, there will always be kits of different qualities. The odds of getting the perfect specimen is always low and that is why breeders have to cull. Some kits have marvelous heads and others great length for bodies. And others are just pet quality. Breeding 2 show quality increase the chances of getting the perfect kit. How about breeding brood/normal does to a true dwarf show quality buck? Would that decrease the chances or it is never certain because we do not know how nature works exactly?

It would be good to acquire the best quality to begin the development and at the same time, that would be half the fun because there is not much effort put into developing something from ground up. What drives me in breeding is to see something good emerging from what is 2nd best. That would truly affirm that my breeding program is heading somewhere good. And it really takes a lot of good judgment to get there. Something I hope good breeders out there can help share their experiences with me.

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