Where Happiness Meets Sadness

I was suppose to invite a dear friend over for an official photo shoot. So before asking her to come over with her new gears, I decided to have my own photo session with the new gals on the block. It started off rather depressing because BlueBerry wasn’t posing at all, it seemed as if she do not have the right body length. The more I look at her, the more disappointed I was because she really looked like Slinky from Toy Story just ran out of the idiot box and transformed into a rabbit. It is just so darn depressing. But I still love her huge head with good curvatures. Her color is stunning too. Out of the entire “photo session”, I was only able to savour just one alright picture of her and here it is:


Then came Noobie’s turn. As I carried her out of her cage, she was such a good girl. She did not struggle at all. I was trying not to let her struggle too much in case she hurt herself. But she did not. I just started snapping some pictures and turned out there are quite a number that I liked. She was very well behaved when I placed her back into her cage. Unlike BlueBerry which put up a fight with me. I was so worried that she will hurt her back since she is SLINKY long…

Anyhow, these are some pictures that made my day:





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