What a mess!

Woke up this morning to find that Noobie has topple over her water bowl. Lucky thing I added some Woody Pet to her tray the day before so most of the water was absorbed by that great litter material. I hope she do not continue doing this if not I have to change her water bowl to bottle or something better.


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6 responses to “What a mess!

  1. suffian

    er..can i give bath to our bunny? bandie is having personal grudge towards me so i think well, beside cleans her up..i can also bonding with her…can i bath her like bath a cat? well today i’m off so what time u think suitable to bath a rabbit? be it midday or afternoon? can i shower her with normal water or maybe using water heater??

  2. You normally do not bath a rabbit unless it is really really dirty. If need be, you can bath with lukewarm water. Make sure you use rabbit shampoo sold at most pet shops. DO NOT USE HAIR DRYER. You should only towel dry her. I believe a warm afternoon would be the best time to bath. Enjoy the bonding session!

  3. SB

    Hi Suffian! congrats on the new bunny! she sounds like she’s making herself at home already 🙂

    to address bathing and bonding with rabbits.. the majority of rabbits do not enjoy baths. some may even get stressed/freaked out if they find themselves immersed in water. If that is the scenario, then you would be doing the opposite of bonding with Bandie. Is she really very dirty now? If its just certain areas of her which are dirty/soiled, you may use dry shampoo/baby cornstarch, apply it to the dirty area and then gently comb out the dirt

    the best way to bond with rabbits is to get down to their level. Sit on the same level with her (i.e if she’s on the ground, you sit on the ground or if she’s on the couch, sit on the couch next to her etc) while you are watching tv, reading a book and so on. They’re curious creatures and will come up to you, sniff you, see what you are up to, try to get some bites out of the magazine/book your reading haha.. you can also offer her treats (in small amounts only!) when she comes up to you. Mine go crazy over organic raisins and cranberries!

    from there, move on to getting her used to your touch. pet her when she’s near you, most of them like to have their heads rubbed. some rabbits are naturally quite friendly, some take more time. have fun with Bandie! she’s lucky to have owners who love her 🙂

  4. suffian

    hie SB,
    i try to sit besides her, at my fav place which she already taken as hers, try holding the newspaper exactly like you tell..hehe truely she came and sniff..i was amazed and my gf was also impress bcoz that is what exactly i’ve told her bandie are going to do..then instead of trying to bite the paper, she ngapp!! again bite my hand as seem that she enjoyed my screaming!! L.O.L i think she giggle along with my gf doing that!

    anyway yesterday i do bath her with waterheater and she seem enjoyed it..

  5. SB

    LOL! what an attitude she has 😉 was the nip a hard one? did it seem like she really wanted to bite into you and tear you apart? or was it more gentle? cos sometimes, some bunnies use little nips as a way of communicating.. saying hello maybe.. or sometimes they nibble at your clothing as a way of grooming us. if you think Bandie’s behaviour is more towards aggression, then perhaps she will mellow down once she is spayed. My rabbits have been spayed and neutered, so if there’s anything more you’d like to know about it, ask away 🙂

    wow, Bandie enjoyed her bath? that’s great! remember to thoroughly dry her all the way down to her skin, as rabbits can get cold very very easily. it is fine to use a hairdryer, but put it on low speed so that the noise doesn’t scare her, and test the heat on your hands first, before blowing it at her. do not use high heat as it can burn their skin, which is very thin.

    keep up the good work with Bandie! i can tell the 3 of you are having lots of fun together now hehe next time, Bandie will probably be fighting with you for the newspaper! mine play tug-of-war with me whenever i’m holding any sort of paper!

  6. suffian

    she nip me real hard.not just me but alsomy mum which is coming to my gf place..and also my gf fren who thought it’s just ordinary bunny..

    i dry her with bath towel bcouse she scared by the sound of a hair dryer..

    SB, instead of playing tug-of-war, i think bandie playing the game of it’s own..the “Mondus Operandi” of her game is to bite my hand, or my toe nail at the most humilition time possible of me..i.e bandie will ngapp my hand when most people around..i think she only bite me once when no other people. she love my screaming voice n lough from other people.

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