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Heat Stress

I let the bunnies out for a little run at the backyard last evening. The girls were reluctant to run much. I realized later they do have good reason. Although the sun was setting and it was not that warm, they felt the heat especially BlueBerry. She was perspiring quite a bit around her nose and mouth. She also lies around a lot. I quickly sent them all back into their cages.

As hours passed, I got a little worried about her and searched online for some emergency aid that I could administer in case of something bad happening. I found a very good page regarding heat related problems over at Three Little Ladies Rabbitry. So I went ahead using ice cube on BlueBerry’s ears. Right after that and to my great delight, she started digging into the bowl of chopped vegetables.

I notice that they have not been eating much of their pellets this morning. Skor would not usually take so long to finish all his pellets. I am not certain if it is because the pellets are not fresh, the weather is a little warm or could it be what I fear the most, GI.

I hope it is not GI. That is why I make it a point to give them chopped vegetables everyday so that they get enough moist and also greens in their tummy. Praying hard that I am doing the right thing.

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