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We need more space!!!

I just felt that more space is needed for my little rabbitry. Not space to house more rabbits to be exact. I need more space for each rabbit. At the moment their cages are really small and they really need more time for their routine runs. Unfortunately it has been raining every evening and they are stuck in their usual cage. Skor is getting kind of bored that he would jump out of his cage and explore the surroundings. I can see that he is indeed getting really bored.

Just looking forward for the move soon. Hopefully in another 2 months.


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Adults need bottles sometimes…

Seemed like the water bottle is working well with BlueBerry. That is the end of downpour for Noobie & Skor. I cleaned up the back of the shelf yesterday and found that there were so much fur. I believe it was from Skor.

Noobie is taking her own sweet time to drink from the bottle. In fact she has not drink from the water bottle at all. Since she is less destructive and have not topple over the water bowl just yet, she can still use it. If she starts being cranky, I will take away the water bowl for good.

BTW, we have got another surprise coming up…

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