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I so want those SANKO cages!!!

There is this Japanese brand of rabbit cages that not only looks cool but it is specially built for rabbits! It comes with great plastic bottom mesh and also one cool bottom tray. The best thing about it is that, no more spills. All waste can be trapped by the bottom tray.

I saw a few in PLC Ikano and I was so tempted to get 2 of it. My wife would kill me if I do. It cost a whoopin’ 400++ bugs!!! I cannot remember the exact price but I could remember it was close to 500 bugs!

That would be one of the items on my wish list for Christmas! But the only size they have is W620xD505xH510. Maybe I could get this size for individuals and order the W810xD505xH550 for kindling does.

There would be hope if I win the lottery tomorrow.

BTW, it looks like this:

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