Goodbye Bandie

Bandie just got adopted by a couple and I am quite happy that they know quite a bit on basic care. I just hope that she would be well loved. The new owner told me that they intend to spay her. I strongly encourage that because Bandie’s a hormone powered gal. She does need to be spayed to tone her down.


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3 responses to “Goodbye Bandie

  1. suffian

    hie there,
    bandie is now with my gf and she’ll have the cycle of a women maybe..don’t know why she hates the toilet roll..i want to teased her
    with the toilet roll..suddenly she became a monster…give me a growling horrible sound and charges right towards my hand and ngapp!! bit my hand…hehe why ar so angry??

    other than that, she having fun exploring the house as she is toilet train..she even sleep at my fav place and refused to let me lie beside my gf(sigh)

    one question, how long she will molt her fur?? or is it untill all her new coat grow

  2. She is quite hormonal as I have mentioned to you. She do bite when she gets moody and that was the reason why I was really happy that you and your gf intend to spay her. I strongly encourage you spaying her because that will help tone her down. I am very happy that she is having free range of the house to wander around. Make sure you bunny-proof your home especially the cables because you would not want to have an electrocuted bunny for a pet.

    As for the molt, I found a good website for you:

    Based on experience, it is very different with every individual rabbit. Some molting last longer than others. But not to worry as patience will pay off. Soon you will see her as a very beautiful doe with her new coat.

    Thanks for taking the time to post your comments. Really appreciate it.

  3. suffian

    haha..i want to keep bandie for myself! today i gave her carrot but instead she choose sew pak choy..while she’s sleeping at my fav place, i take her away..and i slept there..she growl at me but i ignore her..suddenly ngap2..she bite my feet. L.O.L…i put her in cage but i think she seduce me to let her out again but now she find a nice place for herself..another of my fav place..(in front of the TV) arghh..don’t know but i think someday bandie might thinking of asking me out from my gf place..

    anyway thanks for the website u showed me

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