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Sign of New Lives?

This was the great surprises I was talking about. I have so called seen the does’ tummies moving but later I realized that they could be movement of the stomach (peristalsis). Although I was told that they were bred before being shipped over here, I became a little skeptical if they are indeed pregnant. The flight may have caused them to be too stressful and thus, may have aborted the kits.

I woke up this morning expecting to see some kits in the nest box I have given Noobie since Sunday. I was told that she was placed together with a solid choc buck named Yuba from 9/3/08 till 15/3/08. Whether she was successfully bred or not depends on whether she kindles in these few days. Unfortunately instead of building a nest, she soiled it with her pee.

Instead of seeing kits, I notice BlueBerry was frantically doing something from the corner of my eye. When I looked up, I saw her with loads of hay in her mouth. It has certainly taken me by shock because she should be due in another 2 weeks. But I recalled that she has been bred to Chris Zemny’s black buck the same week as Noobie only to be assumed that it was not a successfully breeding session. I am still a little skeptical about her being pregnant although she has been growling quite a lot just like an angry pregnant doe. I gave her a nest box immediately and place loads of hay for her as well.

It is now more than 12 hours passed but still no sign of any kits. I hope it would be soon because I am running out of patience.

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