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What’s with the legs?

This is another incident that makes me want to kick myself. I thought that little Miracle would be cold alone so I decided to give it some cotton to snuggle in.

When I check on her this evening after returning home from work, I found that its right paw got tangled in a little ball of cotton. I cut off the entire bunch of cotton immediately to find a huge swollen paw. Poor thing. I hope the swelling will subside and it will have a normal leg.

What is it with my rabbitry and leg. I know it is common to tell someone to break a leg but I really do not need that in my rabbitry. DARN!

Notice the swollen feet?

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Little Miracle: Day 2

Little Miracle weighs only 0.8oz and normally this weight would indicate that the kit is a peanut. A viable kit should weigh anything between 1oz and 1.5oz.  My heart is sinking. I want Miracle to thrive and grow up normally. It survived the first night warm in the nest alone and I believe that BlueBerry had attended to it because there were more fur on top of the nest this morning.

Little Miracle’s tummy was not very plump as what I would hope for but it was less wrinkled. So to give a little assistance, I flipped BlueBerry over and let Little Miracle suckle a little. She is quite good at looking for milk and had a few successes in latching on. She did suckle for a good 10 to 20 seconds. I did not see her tummy filling up with white substance so I hope it was the first bit of colostrums. I hope BlueBerry would go through the let down soon if it is like us humans.

Please continue praying for Little Miracle. I am glad that BlueBerry did not show hostility. It means we still do have hope.

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