Little Miracle Day 3: Got Milk?

Every kit born in Tru-Luv Rabbitry is precious. No doubt about that. I take each and every life given to us very seriously and that is one of the reason why Little Miracle is so precious to us. I take full responsibility to ensure that each kit survives till adulthood. Another reason why Little Miracle is so important to me is that if he/she makes it until adulthood. That would mean he/she is the first made in America kit for us. This is something of great significance for my humble rabbitry. Something that I would really cherish in this hobby.

I woke up this morning to find Little Miracle away from the usual nesting site. She was lying on the other side of the nestbox where there is no fur. I was wondering if this could be an indication that she has indeed been nursed by BlueBerry.

Since embarking on this great hobby, I have had 3 quite successful breedings. The first was with my first doe Unix. She had 6 kits and all survived till adulthood. The 2nd and 3rd litters came 3 days apart from Bandie & Adina. All 3 of them were great mothers. They all kindled in their nest boxes, pulled fur and nursed their young all the way till weaning age.

BlueBerry showed me an entire opposite side of the previous 3. Besides having dead and mulled kits, she still growls and attempt to bite me after kindling and sadly, she does not really nurse her kit. What makes it worst is that I realize that she does not have much milk!

I am giving her the benefit of the doubt because there are many factors as to why does behave this way. Flying halfway across the globe pregnant, having to adapt to the local climate and also giving birth in unfamiliar place could be some of the reasons I came up with.

I need a real miracle so that Little Miracle could survive. My attention is now on Noobie. She was lying down in her usual spot today and I was putting my hand with my thumb on her lower abdomen to feel for some lives. To my great surprise and amazement, I felt something kicking me for a couple of times. I need a good foster mother for Little Miracle and Noobie could be it.

Little Miracle was getting a little wrinkly compared to how she looked this morning. I am just so afraid of losing him/her. Here are a couple of photos taken of him/her this morning. By late afternoon he/she was already very wrinkly. I would have to resort to using milk replacer if he/she still look wrinkly by tomorrow morning and if Noobie has not kindled by then.

The eyes bulge enough to indicate peanut?

Is this small enough to be considered a peanut? I really hope not!


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3 responses to “Little Miracle Day 3: Got Milk?

  1. SB

    The 2nd last pic really shows the bulge..but is it significantly more than a normal kits’ eyes should bulge? maybe you can compare with the kits you previously had

    Miracles hindquarters does seem to have normal width though..

  2. Tia

    Hello, I only bred my rabbits a few times(lions, and this summer im breeding my new holland lop), so I am new to breeding&never saw a peanut. I thought i had a peanut once, but it turned out to just be a small kit, not a peanut. Peanuts dont survive, because they are so small they cant suckle properly, and they are deformed. I found some good stuff about peanuts on this website. Maybe this can help you.

  3. Tia

    Also, This kit to me seems like it is not a peanut. Its body looks in good proportion to the rest of the body. maybe its just a tiny kit?

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