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Little Miracle Day 4: Just Let Go…

It is totally heart breaking and extremely sad to sit down here and write this blog entry. As you would have guessed, Little Miracle died. I came home this afternoon with a pack of Just Born puppy milk(liquid) to help him/her along the way because this morning she did not seemed to be drinking much out of BlueBerry.

I found the nest box soaked with BlueBerry’s pee and was kind of furious but I guess, she knew better than me. We are going to loose that little kit.

I gave a few drops of the milk replacer and placed her on top of the towel wrapped hot water bottle. She/he was a little cold to touch.

Not long after that she/he started going into fits and each time she/he would squeak. I knew there and then what to expect because rabbits almost never squeak and the squeaks sent chills down my spine. Not a good sign at all.

The squeaks and fits became a regular thing for the next 30 minutes and the interval shorten as time passed. It was such a sad sight and I went ahead preparing a grave for him/her. My wife then asked me how was she/he and she knew exactly what my facial expression meant. I told her it is really sad because she/he just did not want to die. My wife gave a sigh and said, “you should just say a prayer and release her/him”.

I did just that. As I prayed, I felt that I was being too selfish to be expecting so much from this little fellow. I laid my hand on the poor little one (was in the midst of the fits) and I asked God to relief it from all the pain. And I asked Little Miracle to just let go and that I do not hold anymore expectations. I also told her/him that it is enough of a miracle that it was now 4th day. Peanut do not live more than 3 days and making it to the 4th day is indeed a miracle for this little fellow. The will to live is just amazing.

I remembered seeing quite a full stomach last night after letting her/him suckle on BlueBerry. I guess things just do not work out that way. This morning she/he was all wrinkled and it was indeed a sad sight.

Thank you all for your prayers. I guess, Chris Zemny’s line is not destined to come to Malaysia after all. One day perhaps.

Here are some pictures I have taken while she/he was suffering:

All wrinkly and drying up

RIP finally

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