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SB just got herself new snapping gears and she caught this beautiful photo of Yohji chilling. I must say that she’s got talent for photography. I have seen many peeps with great gears but have bad taste for angles. SB definitely got good eyes behind those lenses. It makes a whole lots of differences owning a DSLR camera.

Here’s another nice photo taken. This is Buttons, SB’s other furkid:

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Anxiously waiting…

Noobie was bred to a solid choc buck between 9th and 15th March. I was told that she was placed with the buck between those dates. I personally do not fancy such breeding methods. I have monitored my previous breedings. All it takes is just 10 minutes (maximum) to breed a pair of rabbits. If the doe is willing, all would be completed fairly quickly.

That being said, I am anxiously waiting for that moment. There is no signs of her giving birth except the random kicks I get when I feel her underside while she laid on her side. You can actually see a big bulge. Maybe I should take a photo of her lying on her side.

She has not build any nest but have not soiled the nest box I gave her either.

I believe her belly is so heavy that she finds it hard to lift her bum up to take a pee. That caused the fur on her vent area to reabsorb the pee and she got stained all over.

I gave her butt a dry powder bath last evening and boy was I relieved to see that it was no longer damp to touch. I cleaned it up using the powder anyway.

I just hope that she would kindle soon. So now the secret is all out in the open. Here are some photos of Noobie being pregnant (or issit?).

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