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I cannot take another DEATH!!!

This is totally heart-wrenching. Good news is, Noobie kindled and the bad news is, I am again left with 1 survivor. This is not as fun as that famous reality show SURVIVOR. I do not need Outwit, Outplay & Outlast in my rabbitry!!! That is the last thing I need. Kit #1, #2 and #3 are beautiful broken chocolate. Kit #4 was a beautiful solid chocolate. Kit #5 was a the only sole survivor at the moment and it is like chocolate. And Kit #6 is under developed.

Just take a look at these pictures and read my theory behind the deaths at the end of this post:

The under-developed kit

Aren’t they beautiful!? Ironically, I cannot have them. Wish they were alive.

The sole survivor, better not be a peanut.

I am proud of Noobie. She has great temperament. Saw her licking her kits when I placed them in the nest box. Hope she nurses this little one well.

Need to help Noobie pull some fur too. Hope this works!

I came down with these theories as to why this happened:

1) The Jet Lag Theory

California is 15 hours behind the local time. For the rabbit to be flying from California to Malaysia pregnant would mean that their body has got to get accustomed to the time. Even human get jet lag and I believe somehow, the journey altered their biological clock. Given the fact that my calculation was Noobie was overdue by a day made me believe in this theory even more. Basically, she was indeed overdue and the first few kits did not survive. Kit #4 actually survived the delivery but was too weak to make it. Kit #5 is the only sole survivor and I hope it will make it. Kit #6 was halfway developed which made me believe my following theory.

2) The Mother Nature Waiting Theory

Again I have to stress that Noobie was placed with a buck for 7 days. And we know that a doe has 2 uterus horns and it is possible for both horns to hold kits from different conception timings. I would guess that the first 3 kits were conceived earlier and the last 3 were conceived later. The reason behind this theory was because the last kit was not developed and I would guess that mother nature was waiting for its development to be complete before initiating the kindling. Therefore, the first 3 was way overdue and that was the reason why they were born dead as they were already dead in Noobie. Kit #4 was the unlucky one because it was hanging on to dear life when it was born. At first it look as if it will survive but within a couple of minutes it was breathing its last. Another evidence to support this theory of mine is that the kits had fur on them. They looked like 3 days old kits instead of newborns. The moral of the story is, never leave a buck and doe together to breed over for 1 week. We may get kits from different successful mating and therefore, this might happen.

The above is just my own theory based on my own reasoning. It doesn’t matter if has been proven scientifically and I believe more research should be done in this area so that kits would not die in vain.


I was popping the question on my theories above in RabbitsOnline.net and BlueGiants did give me some very reasonable assumptions. He guess that there were probably 3 breedings that occurred throughout the 1 week Noobie was with Yuba. He also believe that the first kit to be born was either the sole survivor or the largest solid choc. The big kit probably blocked the uterus opening and thus causing a delayed in between the births. The undeveloped kit would probably be the last one in the uterus horn. That really explains the actual scenario that has taken place.


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State Of Emergency?

I may be exaggerating or being paranoid about Noobie’s kindling date. I am just going to lay down all the facts and possibilities to help save my sanity at the moment.


1 ) She was placed with a buck from 9th – 15th March 2008

2 ) Kicks felt and seen on her belly (she has got huge belly) up to this morning

3 ) Sperm may live up to 72 hours therefore, if she mated with the buck on 15th itself, conception could occur even after 3 days

4 ) If she mated and conceived on 9th itself, she is so overdue!

5 ) If she mated and conceived on 15th itself, she is at her 33rd day (2 days overdue)

6 ) Rabbits are known to have a gestation period of 28 to 35 days.

7 ) She has not shown any sign of going into labor (no nest building/fur plucking)

8 ) Large litters normally shows up late


1) Bring her in for an X-ray and then decide based on the results below:

a) If the kits are overdue, most probably they are dead. That leaves me with these options:

– Let her reabsorb (hell a lot to reabsorb)

– Allow the kits to mummified and get “flushed out” together with the future litter (not an option for me)

– Get a vet to administer Oxytocin so to stimulate contraction so that the kits get flushed out

– Emergency c-section

b) If the kits are still alive. I have these options:

– Get a vet to administer Oxytocin so to stimulate contraction (they may be premature if I got the dates wrong)

– If there are fetal giants, we need to go through Emergency c-section because the huge kit may get stuck in the birth canal

There you go. That’s the concerns bugging my mind at the moment.


As of 3.30pm local time, I received a call from my wife saying that Noobie has started building nest out of the nest box. I will have to clean her nest up and place it in the nest box later. Hope she kindles soon.

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