State Of Emergency?

I may be exaggerating or being paranoid about Noobie’s kindling date. I am just going to lay down all the facts and possibilities to help save my sanity at the moment.


1 ) She was placed with a buck from 9th – 15th March 2008

2 ) Kicks felt and seen on her belly (she has got huge belly) up to this morning

3 ) Sperm may live up to 72 hours therefore, if she mated with the buck on 15th itself, conception could occur even after 3 days

4 ) If she mated and conceived on 9th itself, she is so overdue!

5 ) If she mated and conceived on 15th itself, she is at her 33rd day (2 days overdue)

6 ) Rabbits are known to have a gestation period of 28 to 35 days.

7 ) She has not shown any sign of going into labor (no nest building/fur plucking)

8 ) Large litters normally shows up late


1) Bring her in for an X-ray and then decide based on the results below:

a) If the kits are overdue, most probably they are dead. That leaves me with these options:

– Let her reabsorb (hell a lot to reabsorb)

– Allow the kits to mummified and get “flushed out” together with the future litter (not an option for me)

– Get a vet to administer Oxytocin so to stimulate contraction so that the kits get flushed out

– Emergency c-section

b) If the kits are still alive. I have these options:

– Get a vet to administer Oxytocin so to stimulate contraction (they may be premature if I got the dates wrong)

– If there are fetal giants, we need to go through Emergency c-section because the huge kit may get stuck in the birth canal

There you go. That’s the concerns bugging my mind at the moment.


As of 3.30pm local time, I received a call from my wife saying that Noobie has started building nest out of the nest box. I will have to clean her nest up and place it in the nest box later. Hope she kindles soon.

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