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To Save Or Get A New Bunny: My View On The Lives Of Malaysian Rabbits

I am not too sure about other countries but in Malaysia, rabbits are one of the cheapest pets and also easily purchased. As you would guess, it is cheap because the supply is always greater than the demand. The current market price for a local rabbit (mixed breed) is in the range of $40 to $80.

That being said, most vets in Malaysia are not rabbit savvy. Why? For the same reason as above. It is cheap to get a rabbit and to treat a rabbit for any illnesses is expensive. So either the vet could not be bothered to recommend the treatment or the owner could not be bothered paying for medical fees which are higher than the purchase price of a little bunny. The price of medical treatment begins at $20 and depending on the severity of individual cases, it may cost up to hundreds.

Sad? It is super duper sad case.

Over the weekend, something happened that gave me a little hope. People are starting to go to vets for treatments. Soon, vet would have to keep up with the demands of rabbit owners going to them for consultations and treatments. That is a good thing.

Vets who depends a lot on the dogs and cats business should start equip themselves with sound rabbit knowledge because rabbit matters as much as dogs and cats.

I am glad to have a good vet to help me with my rabbits. But for those that do not have a rabbit-savvy vet, what I would suggest is to do some research on the common illnesses, write down a few possible treatments and get your vet to administer those treatments. Some vets are honest enough to admit that they are not well versed but are willing to help – these are the best to work with. Most of the time, when a rabbit owner brings his/her rabbit to the vet, it would have been a life and death situation. So in my opinion, since it is already a hopeless situation, I would try anything to at least fight for a 50:50 chance in saving my rabbit’s life.

Rabbits are indeed great pets to have. Don’t you agree?

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I need 48 hours a day!!!

I was reading through another rabbitry’s blog on how we always spend all the time in the world fretting over small matters and take our rabbits for granted. I have to admit that I am guilty of that because for the longest time, I did not realize that all the time I spent for my bunnies so far is only doing all the cleaning and feeding. I also realized that I have not been spending quality time with my rabbits. I did not enjoy them as pets as much as I should.

I was talking to my wife the other day about how other rabbit owners have all the time to spend enjoying their rabbits. Cleaning does not seemed to be a big part of their routine. On the other hand, I am always busy cleaning.

The rabbitry will be shifted to a new location hopefully in another 2 months time and in the midst of all the arrangements, my mind is constantly thinking of how to have better husbandry. Waste management would be my main concern as I would like to stop spending so much time cleaning. I want an easy way to clean so that I could spend more time appreciating the bunnies.

I had some problem remembering posting this blog. I normally get ideas to blog whenever I am out and away from my computer. Now that I have penned this down, I am happy.

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Little Hope: Day 3

Little Hope is doing fine at the moment and I hope it stays this way. Noobie has since pulled more fur to cover the nest and Little Hope seemed to have had a little too much milk. I sure hope that this would not cause any splayed legs problem. I have decided to take the entire nest box out during the day and give it back to Noobie late at night. That way, Noobie will not overfeed it.

More pictures:

Can you spot me?

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