Global Recession & Rabbits

It is said that food prices would be going up due to the rising oil prices. Just imagine the impact on us and I cannot stop but to wonder how it would affect our beloved rabbits. Most of the good rabbit pellets are imported from the US and if the the prices of raw materials rises, it would mean that cost to import would be affected as well.

I do hope that the pet industry is not impacted that badly by this alleged global recession. How could we survive without our beloved rabbits I wonder. Maybe it is time that we learn not to take our pets for granted and at the same time, we have to be vigilant looking for alternatives.

I am always looking out for opportunity not to depend so much on imported rabbit feed but it proofs in vain because the local feeds are hopeless. I normally taste the pellets myself and there were once I actually tasted sand in the local pellet. I changed their feed immediately after that.

Wonder where we can get some good recipe to prepare home made pellet. Anyone mind sharing some ideas?

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