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Little Hope: Day 7 (Did I say 7?)

Little Hope is 1 week old today! WOW…

Another 7 weeks to go before I could breath easy. Time really flies…

Here’s a couple of photos of her at 1 week old:


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Blog Visits

One thing I like about this wordpress account is that it has got a cool blog statistics that gives me a rough idea of how my blog is doing. I can see that throughout these few months, the number of daily visits to this blog fluctuates a lot and I cannot stop but to wonder how can I further increase the number of daily visits so that I can see a constant volume.

I am going to observe the pattern in this few days to ascertain which is the day when all bunny lovers like reading about rabbitries and come out with a conclusion as to why certain days the volume is lower.

Looking at the current statistics, I feel that the volume could be increased further.

For those of you reading this, thank you for visiting and have a nice ahead.

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