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Little Hope: Day 9

Here’s the cutie pie:



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Rabbits: A Passing Craze/Fad/Trend?

I just had this topic on my mind today. Not too long ago, Malaysians were stormed by the “Flowerhorn” craze. As most of us know, the craze died without a trace and what happen to all these flowehorns?

Alright, I know that most readers may not know what is flowerhorn. It is a hybrid fish genetically bred by crossing a few cichlid breeds to produce a fish with a big hump on its head and also bright red body with bluish dots. I personally do not know why it became such a famous breed back then. Most Chinese believed that these fishes may produce some 4 digit numbers on their bodies and it would mean winning the lottery with those numbers.

To cut the long story short, flowerhorn is a type of fish Malaysians accidentally stumbled across by crossbreeding some cichlids from Lake Malawi.

So, looking at things both locally and internationally, would rabbit be a type of craze like the flowerhorn?

I hope not…

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