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In my opinion, the Malaysia pet industry is a highly unstable one. Why do I say that? It is because we are so easily affected by the overall economic situation of the country. I believe it would be the same with any other country.

At the moment I am facing problem getting a certain brand of dog food for my pooches. The people at the store told me that there seemed to be a problem with the production in US. Due to that, we may be experiencing up to 2 months of delay in getting the dog food. It is definitely frustrating for this to be happening because I hate to switch brands as I have been feeding this brand since I got my pooches.

That being said, I was wondering how do we rabbit breeders prioritize. Let’s just say that we are faced with a difficult situation and to solve the problem we need to part with our beloved bunnies, what would be the decision be? I am sure most of us are so attached to our rabbits by now that it would definitely be such a difficult decision to make.

Where are your bunnies on your priority list?

As for me, I cannot imagine and refuse to think of such situation. Guess I am tagged for life by these bunnies.


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