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Nature’s Own Way to Say “NO” to Greed

I realized that certain breeds are difficult to breed and I felt that it is more of a good thing than bad. Not in a selfish point of view, I believe it is good to have such breeds around so that they do not get exploited by money driven breedings. Every moment, hundreds of pets are churned out and as many go to good homes, many more are not that fortunate. We all know too well what is the conclusion of the story.

For me, Holland Lops are not easy to breed and I hope it stays this way but of course minus all the deaths. I believe to a certain extent, Mother Nature has got its way to say “NO” to certain things.

With the number of local pet rabbits that are available in the market, I came to realize that it is the way it is because they are easy to breed and are tougher in general. People who are in it to make a quick profit will definitely find it very easy to start a business with just 2 rabbits. But I hope with awareness programs and better education people will start to understand this entire chain effect and stop patronizing unethical breeders directly and indirectly.

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Open Sesame!

Day 11 today and Little Hope got its eyes opened! Looks ruby to me. But I believe it may change but not too sure as this is the first time I am having lilac colored bunny. Wonder if this would make Little Hope the first lilac Holland Lop in Malaysia. Quite a defining moment. LOL….


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