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Little Hope: Day 12

Here are some photos to spice things up. I caught Noobie nursing the little one this afternoon:

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Unable to add advertisements

I am still trying to figure out how I could add advertisements unto my wordpress.com account. My initial attempts showed that I need to upgrade my account in order for me to work with my CSS. I still do not know how this advertisement works but being able to generate some returns through this blog would be nice.

In the US, breeders normally generate income for their rabbitries through a few channels. Selling rabbits would be the main revenue and in order to fetch a high price for their rabbits, breeders are require to attend shows and it would be best to get some wins. Rabbits from good lines can normally fetch quite a decent price. Most breeders sell their rabbits at shows which is very convenient since shows are where all rabbit enthusiasts meet.

I cannot say the same for Malaysia. Pet shops are the first thing that comes to mind for most of the people here in acquiring pet rabbits. We do not have any shows and I do not think there would be any unless someone organizes. Although someone may organize, there are not many breeds to showcase as I am aware that there are only 2 breeders breeding Holland Lops (including myself) and the other Holland Lop breeder also breeds Netherland Dwarfs. How can we have a show when there are only 2 breeds?

So how can hobby breeders like me make revenue out of my rabbits? The answer is simply NO WAY and lucky thing is that I am not out to make a profit. I guess that is the best thing for me because there is no pressure in making a profit. I like it that way because my rabbits are truly appreciated.

At the moment I am just worried that I am unable to get good rabbit pellets for my rabbits in the near future. The stocking up for feeds here in useless. The market wants cheap stuff and if good feeds do not sell, the distributors will soon phase them out for cheaper range.

So, basically there is no way for me to generate revenue either through rabbits or advertising through this blog. I am unable to collect cash through clicks on ads or whatsoever. And setting up my own domain would cost me yearly charges and that itself will dig into my pocket unneccesarily.

Here I am again, writing crap just to fill the calendar up. Thanks for reading and sorry if you do not find this post enjoyable. No wonder my blog statistics shows a sloppy graph going down hill. It is indeed getting a little boring isn’t it?

Maybe I’ll post some pictures later to boost your appetite up again…


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