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Favorite Links Getting Longer

I joined 2 Holland Lop groups on Yahoo! Groups and get a lot of information on the latest happenings on the breeds. Most of the messages posted include notices of rabbit sales, transportation offers and also those regarding kits with rare colors. Once in a while some members include their website addresses in their postings. Some of these links are really interesting and I cannot help but to include them as one of my Favorite Websites.

If you noticed, my Favorite Websites list is getting longer each day.

Today, I came across ELS Rabbitry. On their main page it was stated “STARTED 1999, SOLD OUT 2008″. After looking through their photos, I felt it is such a waste that this rabbitry had to sell out. I am in awe by how good their kits look in the BABIES page.

I just could not understand why they have to sell out. It has been a while since I last get this mesmerized looking at bunny photos. The last time I felt this way was seeing The Nature Trail’s and Saynora’s herds.

Simply Amazing!

I later learned that Green Barn Farm is having most of the ELS rabbits. Hope to get a couple from them one day.

Anyhow back to the topic of favorite links getting longer. I must say that there are many interesting Holland Lop websites out there in the internet. I wonder how am I going to cope having such a long list on my sidebar.

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Natural Diet

On a few occasions, I have been complaining how difficult it is to obtain good quality pellets at reasonable prices. Even with reasonable prices, the quality of pellets are horrendous. Thanks to Dawn of Willow Run Rabbitry for giving me a nudge to start doing research on natural diet. I do feed my adult rabbits fresh vegetables on a daily basis. I have also started limiting their pellets to 1/4 cup (250ml) per 6 lbs body weight. Two common vegetables that I normally give are Bok Choy and Celery chopped into small pieces. Based on Suggested Vegetables (House Rabbit Society), I should also include Mustard Greens for Vitamin A. That would be 3 types of vegetables per day as suggested as well. Why only these 3? Because they can be easily obtained at the grocery stores and supermarket. Most of the suggested vegetables are unavailable and uncommon here.

For those who are unfamiliar with how these vegetables look like, here are some photos:

Mustard Green

Bok Choy


Note: I am no rabbit diet expert so follow these at your own risk and discretion. DO NOT FEED fresh vegetables to rabbits BELOW 6 MONTHS of age.


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