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F1, F2, F3, F4, Hybrid & Purebred?

When a breeder wants to create a new breed by out crossing 2 different breeds, they normally start with the term Hybrid. Just like a Lion crossed with a Tiger would give you a Liger hybrid. For example, if we cross a Holland Lop to a Netherland Dwarf, that will produce a HYBRID.

F1 denotes breeding a purebred to another breed. The F1 specimen must have basic manifestation of the intended breed.

F2 denotes breeding a F1 to a purebred or another hybrid that is F1 or F2.

F3 denotes breeding a F2 to a purebred or another hybrid that is F2 or F3.

F4 is also known as purebred that may be offspring from breeding an F3 to a purebred or another F3. This will produce 4 generations of the intended breed on the pedigree.

Purebred is a term given to rabbits that conform to the basic requirements/standards laid down for a particular breed and with 4 generations of the breed occurrences on the pedigree.

Anyone want to try producing “teacup” Holland Lops by breeding to Netherland Dwarfs? Let’s try out an example to see if my explanation is accurate. Let’s say I have a Holland Lop I call HL1 and a Netherland Dwarf I call ND1.

1) HL1 + ND1 = F1 (Hybrid)

2) F1 + HL1 = F2

3) F2 + HL1 or F2 + F2(from another litter) = F3

4) F3 + Hl1 or F3 + F3(from another litter) = F4

I think I got it right there. What say you?

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Little Hope Day 13: Mommy’s Precious

I was lucky enough to take these few pictures. Some were outright hilarious and others are heart moving. It was my first time seeing rabbits being so affectionate.

aawwwWWWwWWWWwwWWwwwww……don’t your heart just melt?


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Lines I Would Love To Have

Just like dogs, when a breeder goes into a particular breed, he or she would want to own sound specimens from sound lineage. The lineage determines the quality of rabbits as well. Since embarking on this wonderful hobby, I have always seen amazing Holland Lops online. Some specimens are just so remarkable. I have came across many good and bad rabbitries producing both good and bad show specimens.

A few captured my heart and with due respect, some still have a long way to go. I for one must also admit that there are so much to improve on even with my current herd. Many breeders in the US are not willing to ship this way and that itself is a limiting factor for me and those interested in developing Holland Lops or any other breeds further.

The lines that I would love to own are as follows (in no particular order):

1) The Nature Trail’s

2) Pitney’s

3) ELS

4) THF Saynora’s

5) Three Little Ladies’

6) Campo’s

7) Pint Sized Pals

8) Chris Zemny’s

These in my own humble opinion are my favorite Holland Lop lines but I must say that some rabbitries do produce amazing kits that I would die for. I am always looking out for BIG HEADS, BROAD SHOULDERS, SHORT EARS and BODY.

I must also admit that these are just some names that I am exposed to via the internet and there might be unchartered waters as far as good lineage is concern. There may be some great rabbitries that does not have a website but are producing great specimens. I have to give credit to those rabbitries as well and hope they do setup websites so that I could appreciate their hard work.

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