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Grab a bunny chew toy today!!!

My bunny friend SB is selling some partially home made toys for small animals suitable for rabbits. The wood blocks are save, the coloring used are non-toxic food colorings and the rope used is untreated sisal rope safe for chewing and digested.

If you are interested, please do email me and I will get her to contact you. I believe she does not do posting at the moment and if she does, it would be within Malaysia only.

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Advice on importing

We must always take extra precautions when buying things online or buying goods from people abroad. When I started researching on importing my Holland Lops, I encountered many different types of breeders and some are outright shocking.

Most of the breeders are reluctant to ship this way because it seemed to them that Asians are distrustful. But little do these breeders know that buyers from anywhere would also think likewise. It takes a lot of trust for someone to be sending monies to a stranger. For me at this moment, the rabbitry where I got my rabbits delivers quite decently with some glitches.

I came across a breeder in particular that promises to make a deal but changes her mind as soon as she made up. That is outright insincere.

Some breeders only have the $ as a topic of discussion. You know right away, they are in it for business and the welfare of the rabbits are questionable.

Buyers must also take into the consideration the current economic situation that has befallen the US. Many smaller rabbitries there may opt to sell out their rabbits and some may resort to schemes just to survive the downturn. Most breeders abroad will raise the prices of the rabbits just because they are shipping them out of their country. The prices does not necessary reflect the quality of the rabbits. Some may even send barren does.

So, as far as breeders must protect themselves, buyers too have to be very careful in dealing.

And I also do not deny the fact that there are super ethical and honest breeders. And since there are only a handful of these good breeders, you really have to do a lot of research before embarking on your importation project.

For me personally, the good traits of a good rabbit breeder are:

1) Honesty – explain thoroughly what the rabbit lacks and how it can be improved, show good photos that reflect the real structure of the rabbit, charges at reasonable prices and etc

2) Sincerity & Concern – shows concern for their rabbits instead of the money that you are about to send & always updating buyers on the progress

3) Promptness in delivery – send pedigrees to buyers as promised promptly

Lastly, it is the people that we are dealing with at the end of the day. We have to be very tactful so not to get cheated. That would be the last thing I want to experience for this wonderful hobby.

May your every dealings be fruitful and successful. And to all my friends(breeders) in US, may you and your wonderful rabbits survive through this crisis. God blesses all of you.


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Support good & reputable local pet stores!!!

The world is made up of GOOD and BAD. As there are many bad pet stores, there are also a few good ones. To begin with, I am a sucker for supporting underdogs. Truthfully, I believe in practicality and I love patronizing humble/modest establishments. In lieu with that, I would like to introduce an online pet store that is worth mentioning.

I believe it is always a good effort to bring business online. You are able to expand the target audience and if the services are good, then we should all support for the hard work invested.

The online pet store that I would like to feature for now is Pet Shack. This humble establishment was setup by a husband and wife team based on their love for their pets. I know staying profitable while giving the best to livestocks in a pet store is never easy but I believe the people behind Pet Shack did it quite well.

Another applaudable attribute of Pet Shack is that, they are constantly seeking for the best ways to improve, promote and practice responsible pet ownership. This is particularly evident for me when they took the initiative to carry the Oxbow Hay products. For a small establishment to be in tuned with the needs of rabbits in Malaysia goes to show that Pet Shack is constantly seeking to provide the best for our pet rabbits.

You can visit their online shop at

Some useful information about Pet Shack:

Retail opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday – 11am to 8pm
Sunday – 11am to 6pm
Monday and National Public Holidays – Closed

Pet Shack (001608384-D)
102, Block A, Mentari Business Park, Jalan PJS 8/2
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
T: +603- 5637 4536   F: +603-5635 2088   E:

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Tru-Luv Holly Hope: Day 42

She’s 6 weeks old today. Here are some cute photos of her.

Seen here with mummy dearest:

She is just so photogenic and ever ready to pose for me. Just nudge her chin and she’ll sit up straight. Lovely…

And after all the posing, this is what she did:



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Might be taking a break

My main goal is to fill up the blog calendar on my side bar. I am juggling with loads of things at the moment. My work is kind of hectic at this moment and I preparing for the big move.

So I am considering to stop posting for a while. But first, I need to convince myself that it would be alright leaving some dates blank on the calendar. LOL!!!!!

Anyhow, the hits to this blog has been quite stagnant for a while. I was hoping that my readers could give me some feedback so that I get more visitors and not just slip away as quietly as they came. But that is just what I might be getting. I really need to know how to make this blog more interesting and get more hits to it.

I guess that photos do make a lot of difference.

Will post photos soon!

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Transition period

I have started to get really personal with my blog. So much so that I am starting to disclose quite personal information about myself to everyone. I do not know if it a wise thing to do, but the general rule of thumb is to keep a level of anonymity to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Another thing I try very hard to do is keep my posts positive because I believe there are many young people having access to the internet and I have high regards for the future generations. I am sure most of my visitors are made up of young people and I feel that it is my duty to provide them with clean contents.

I prefer to be myself when I write and most of my peers told me that they found me very expressive and vocal about things. And most of them are right. I normally get myself into trouble expressing too much.

But that is just how God made me and I do not think it is fair to take that against me. In anyway, I do contribute to add varieties to the world. I also have a role to play in making this world more colorful than usual. LOL.

That being said, I am starting to take this hobby of rabbit raising less seriously because I have seen people who are far too serious to a point of burning bridges. After all, it is just a hobby and there should be information passed around generously. That is how a hobby can grow. Of course breeders have the full right to choose what they disclose or not but for me, I prefer to be expressive with every issue.

And of course, I try to filter out as much negativities possible to keep my blog a happy one for the enjoyment of all. We all face a lot of challenges while at work namely politics and such, so why bring it into our hobby where we suppose to enjoy?

I guess it will start being political when people get too serious about the entire thing. I am deciding not to take it seriously because I have seen how this obsessive compulsive behavior can ruin everything.

I see breeders in US going to the tables with very good sportsmanship. But sometimes there tend to be surprises because some may overreact for not winning. But I am even more surprised when I see bickering in places without SHOWS! That is simply amazing and unbelievable.

To end this post, I hope the many people that visits this blog regularly continue visiting and bring a couple of friends along so that we can enjoy the company. Let’s grow this wonderful hobby together. Let our rabbits be a vessels to good friendship and bring hope to humanity which is so torn apart.

Goodwill to all…

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Rabbit genetics

There is so much one can debate on genetics and with rabbits, you always hear breeders using the term line breeding & out crossing. I do not want to touch on the topics of inbreeding because I am totally against that although it is possible to do so and there are breeders using this technique as well. Inbreeding is when 2 siblings of the same litter are bred. This is what I do not do in my rabbitry.

Please allow me briefly explain the meaning of the terms here. Line breeding is the widely used technique by many breeders. They normally breed rabbits through mating father to daughter, son to mother or more distant relationship along the same LINEAGE i.e. nephew to aunts & etc. Why do this? Because to maintain a particular traits/characteristic of the rabbit, breeders need to get those exact genes into the offspring.

Out crossing is when 2 totally unrelated rabbits from totally unrelated lines are bred. Many breeders start off their own lines by out crossing more of the time. Until they get the desired traits laid down by certain standards by certain establishment, they start to use line breeding instead.

What seemed to be gross to many, it is so different with rabbits. Breeders normally keep their gene pool small in order to maintain the quality of their rabbits. But this is normally done when the desired traits start to manifest in the outcome of out crossing.

Therefore, if you see the ancestral lineage through the pedigrees, you might notice that there are many unrelated rabbits being bred to get the current generation. So far, what I notice with many breeders is that all their rabbits have different physical characteristics. But as long as all these rabbits adhere to the breed standards, they are show able. Some may have broader shoulders compared to others but those with narrower shoulders still able to be granded as well. Therefore, as long as the rabbit adhere to the minimum required standard, they are able to go onto the tables to be judged.

But their overall disposition may differ from line to line. That is how rabbitries establish their trademark. If that is not the situation, then we will have very generic rabbits that all look alike. There will not be varieties at all.

Just like how the many types of human behaviors define the many varieties in this world, rabbits are set apart through their characteristics, be it color or structure.

So it does not matter whether the gene pool is small or big, as long as the desired traits manifest in your rabbitry, you are heading the right way.

And who defines the desired traits? You and me. We have our own preferences on how our rabbits look. Once they adhere to the breed standard, we can work on the other “cosmetics”.

In the end, who establishes the standards? It is mere human.

And who sets the real & physical standards?

God. Not all rabbits are born alike. Therefore, never let your weak human standard judge your rabbits. They are all made by God and are gifts to you.

Nuff said…

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The many challenges: Transforming Negative to Positive

A hobby is suppose to give us happiness. As of late, I have been facing a lot of challenges not because of my rabbits but more of human issues. I guess I should just stop most of the human interactions.

I notice that I have been blogging on a negative note for the past few weeks. I need to turn that around to have more positive things on this blog. After all, the true joy and happiness comes from these wonderful rabbits.

I have to avoid being sucked into another dimension whereby people tend to bring others down to levitate themselves. I guess many people in this world likes to be important or at least be somewhere with the things they do. And fueled by this sort of obsession, they tend to trample on others.

I believe success is self defined most of the time and many people strive to achieve certain recognition. When they do not get it, they get frustrated and act in many different undesirable ways.

But I guess living in this world we have to accept that it is made up of many types of people with different mentalities. Why burn bridges all for the sake of rabbits?

For goodness sake, sharing is caring and let us all not resort to unnecessary bickering over a few lagomorphs alright? It is just so childish to be holding a rabbit and say “See, I have a better rabbit compared to yours”. I always believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

An orphan by the streets may be cuddling a stray puppy at this very moment. Would he say that the puppy is ugly when it is all he/she have?

So let’s not judge others when we have the privilege to own what our heart desires and look lowly on others based on our own standards. God have not passed the last judgment yet so who are we to do so?

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Crippling others for selfish gains

I have seen quite a few back biting amongst show dog breeders and I believe it is just so damn irrelevant. It is just amazing how much trouble these people is willing to go through just because of a hobby. I just cannot comprehend what all the bickering is all about. A few years back there were news about someone suing another person for selling a surgically fixed show dog that was later disqualified in the show rings.

Aren’t we being a little too serious here?

How many of us are willing to go all out just to stumble someone else? I believe there are some dog breeders out there in attempt to eliminate competition, they go to great lengths to sabotage their “opponents”. I believe this is fueled by some mad possessive behavior. What is it that we gain in all the winnings? Some people just cannot accept defeat as a challenge to improve oneself. Therefore, they rather come out with all sorts of schemes just to cripple the other.

I hope not to see this in the rabbit world because it is just so not worth it. In the name of goodwill, I hope all rabbit people here in Malaysia are nice individuals.

Will you go out of the way just to cripple someone else from getting what they like just because you feel envious or believe that you have the exclusive rights to own certain things which you hope others do not?

If you do have this sort of psychological problem, I pray for your soul.

For goodness sake, it is just RABBITS!

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New Rabbitry Shelf: Proof Of Concept #2 (SUCCESS!)

I was looking forward to a dull Saturday but things took a super twist. I suddenly got this urge to try out the new shelving concept I had in mind. This time I decided to setup the actual one.

So off I went to the hardware shop to get some pipes and to a pet store to stock up on my cages. I need actual cages to make sure that my “mock test” works exactly how I want it to be.

On my first attempt, I built the first level too high up and leaving no height for the 3rd level. So I dismantle everything and then worked from ground up again.

I guess pictures will tell a thousand words. I am too tired to type so I’ll just leave the photos to do all the talking:

Attempt #1:

Attempt #2:

Test Drive:

From every angle, the bunny “canon balls” just falls in to place. All in the pipe!!!!


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