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Oxbow is finally here in Malaysia (hope it is here to stay)

After waiting for so long, Oxbow Products has finally arrived. I hope all pet shops will stop carrying those crappy brands and start selling this great brand.

Oxbow pellets are highly recommended rabbit feed. It is the best Malaysian rabbits can get locally. If you care for your rabbit enough, feed Oxbow!!!

Due to the limited brands carried by our local pet shops, you can forget about all other brands.

It should be on the shelves of most major pet stores soon. I hope Pet Lover Center Malaysia will carry it soon.

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Earning Money Bloggin’ With PayPerPost.com

I was wondering how I could make use of the internet to help me earn some feed money. I must admit that too many ads on the blogs I visit do turn me off occasionally but please bear with me when I slot in a couple of “promotional” posts once in a while. I just got this blog approved by payperpost (PayPerPost.com/PPP in short) and my first assignment is to write about why I signed up for it.

It has been months since I started blogging about my rabbits and sharing my daily experiences not only help me remember what happened in the rabbitry but it also help fellow rabbit enthusiasts learn. By being so “generous” with my knowledge, it is would be fair for me to earn a little cash through this blog. Unfortunately, wordpress.com does not allow advertisement of any sort and I do hope this post is accounted for with PPP.

So what am I going to do with all the money I earn through payperpost? I will definitely use the money to improve on my rabbitry but first the amount should at least be enough to cover the cost of buying quality rabbit feed. That is the most basic of my rabbits’ needs. We all do need food to survive don’t we?

Basically, payperpost allows it members to choose an opportunity to blog about certain topic from time to time. These are blogging assignments that its members should write about and members get paid for writing on designated topics.

I really do hope this is for real and I see some cash in my PayPal account soon.

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