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Regarding Rabbit Feed

The rabbit digestive system is a very delicate and sensitive one. As a rabbit owner, I ensure that I am in tuned and be very sensitive with the slightest change in my rabbits’ eating habits. I also ensure that my rabbits drink enough water and produce the right amount of waste (just observation and no actual weighing that is).

So as sensitive as I may be with their condition, I am also always on the look out for news around the internet for rabbit feeds that causes problems in other rabbitries. I will avoid these feeds at all cost because it is just too easy to send the delicate stomachs into havoc. I feel that given the warnings, if one still embarks on using these feeds, then he/she is really looking for trouble. It also clearly shows how much his/her rabbits is worth to him/her.

I am just so excited and cannot wait to get Oxbow this Saturday. I also hope that more reputable brands such as Purina Rabbit Chow will come into Malaysia one day.

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