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Switching between 2 blogs

There are so many blog providers and I am starting to feel the toll each takes on me. I recently switched over to WordPress and recently decided to put on some ads to make a little profit while blogging about my rabbits. Unfortunately, there is no way WordPress would allow me to include ads of any kind like Adsense. Blogger.com on the other hand allows me to have ads but I have to live without cool features such as Blog Stats and easy photo uploading.

Another problem with Blogger.com is that, I cannot import anything from WordPress but ironically, I can import Blogger.com into WordPress.

So this is what I am going to do, I will blog with Blogger.com for the sake of the few US dollars, and then import my postings into my WordPress account so that my regular reader will have updated postings to read and at the same time, I could earn a few extra dollars.

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Little Hope: Day 17

Little Hope is 17 day old today. I am keeping a close watch on him/her because I feel that he/she is a little too quiet for a little bunny. He/she did try to munch on some Oxbow Oat Hay I got today. It was a cute sight to behold. It is just so adorable.

I pray and hope that this little one makes it to adulthood without any problems. Here are some pictures for everyone’s enjoyment:

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