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Average Water Intake Guideline

One of the signs of problem that I always look out for in my herd is the food and water intake. I roughly know how much each and everyone of my rabbits eat per day but I was not sure how much water they should be drinking daily. As it is very subjective and very much depends on individuals, I needed to ascertain a guideline so that I could always have a mental note behind my little brain.

That sent me looking for answers on the internet and I finally got an answer.

Someone has written that the normal water intake for an average mammal would be 90 ml to 100 ml per kg per day. Therefore I would take it as a guide that my rabbits should be taking AT LEAST 160 ml per day because all of them are within the range of 1.6 kg to 1.7 kg.

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What is the use of HAY?

This is just so embarrassing. I have so much on my mind these days that I really have forgotten some really fundamental things. By blogging this I am ensuring that I do not ever forget this one fundamental thing about rabbits’ diet.

As you have read on my previous posting about Oxbow Products being available here, I was going through their products at the stall the other day and opt for Oxbow Oat Hay to be added to the regular Timothy Hay I am currently giving the buns. SB told me she settled for Botanical Hay instead of the Oat Hay she initially targeted.

I then asked her why Botanical? Then she asked me a question which really struck me and I was actually lost for words. She asked, “What is the reason you give hay?”. Such a simple question became one that sent me scurrying for an answer at the back of my head. I quickly settled for “providing more varieties and tastes for my bunnies?”.

Just like a game show, I could almost hear the “BUZZZZ” indicating a wrong answer. My goodness! How could I get that wrong?

SB always have a good way in helping me remember things. Her words are almost like the POST IT! And she has a good brain retention period for knowledge unlike me because I always flush out stuff on my mind to make room for more pressing issues.

SB said that for her, she opt for Botanical Hay or any hay for the matter is to help the buns have different texture to chew on and that will give a different motion as to how the buns chew. Oat hay is almost like Timothy Hay so a better variety would be Botanical Hay.

I then imagine myself banging my head on this table right in front of me…

There you have it, the basic of all basics the reason why we feed our rabbits HAY!

Other benefits of hay include:

1) Provide roughage and reduces the risk of stomach blockage
2) The chewing motion while chewing allows for wearing down teeth keeping them from overgrowth
3) Occupying your rabbit from chewing your favorite furniture at home the entire day (limiting damages-LOL!!!)


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