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Holland Lop Varieties vs Human Varieties

A seasoned hobbyist of the Holland Lop or any other breed for the matter will tell you that every rabbit breed comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. When we say variety in rabbits, it mostly refers to the color of the rabbits in questioned.

But beyond the colors, I would also like to talk about behaviors. We all know that every individual rabbit have different behaviors and they are all unique. Some are nastier than another and some are sweet little creatures.

And looking beyond rabbits, we have their human counterparts. I have came across many rabbit owners that exhibit a wide range of behaviors. I believe breeders in US can also relate to my experience. More so when they have rabbit shows all around the country.

That is why, in our hobby, we must be aware and be vigilant on the tell tale signs of good and bad rabbit owners/breeders. I have my fair share of experience with ethical and unethical breeders. By experiencing all these hurdles I am able to identify a trustworthy and sincere rabbit owner/breeder from the opposites.

I just do not understand why sometimes certain people act the way they do. What is the point if you do not put in some passion to what you like doing? I believe to a certain point of time, most are raising their rabbits all for the wrong reasons. With this sort of attitude, I believe the hobby wouldn’t last very long.

I do pray and hope that all rabbit owners/breeders have better temperaments. If they do not, perhaps we should start culling and blame it on the genes.

Note: This must be the first time I posting in a sarcastic manner. Sorry for that as I just realized something that pisses me off big time.

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There are really nice rabbit people around

I just done chatting with a very reputable Holland Lop breeder from US and I must say that she is one of the nicest people that I have ever corresponded with.

You seldom end a conversation being totally speechless and that was exactly how I felt at the end of our chat. Speechless not in a bad way, but I was actually speechless because my heart was filled with JOY. Sheer joy. I have not felt so fulfilled chatting with someone for the longest time. She really made my day (now being 12.30 am, i am sure this will last the entire day).

We are trying to arrange something wonderful to take place soon. I hope by God’s grace, everything will work out according to His will.

Thank you so very much “WONDERFUL LADY”. You have truly showed me another side of this cruel world. You showed me that angels do exist! Much love from us all at Tru-Luv Rabbitry, buns and all.

I really want those keys to our new place now. I need more space for my bunnies!

Note: I am keeping this person’s identity anonymous because I have not ask for permission to mention her name on my blog. Once I get approval, I shall disclose the name of this wonderful person.

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