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Raising Rabbits In Malaysia: The Paradigm Shift

I receive request for rabbit adoption occasionally and it is quite shocking how easily/conveniently people think that they can have full rights to any of my rabbits. Some approach me in demanding manner, some even make it seemed as if they deserve it and some made me felt as if I owe them something that it is a must for me to release my rabbits to them.

Here is something that I have to make it very clear to my dear readers who may approach me whenever I have rabbits for adoption (my adoption and sale pages have high hits). I may have given some wrong signal in my approach so I really must make this very clear because after a few adoption postings previously, people seemed to act as if I am in need and in that, they act as if I owe them something. I totally HATE that. When I put a rabbit up for adoption, let me make it very clear, the person adopting it owes me and my rabbit everything. I have taken all the trouble to raise my rabbit the best I can, I have even given it the best that I could provide and when the rabbit is under your care, you must at least do the same or better. I have done everything from its birth to the time I pass it to the adopter, great effort has already been exhausted to ensure a quality pet/companion being passed on.

So, my point is, if you are interested in my rabbits and when you approach me for an adoption, never ever ever ever and I beg you please, never make it as if you are so damn deserving and act as if you are taking away a burden from me. For it is never a burden and what I give to you is something of great importance for me. The amount of time and money I spent on the pet thus far, is indeed intangible. And for a potential adopter to approach me in an unacceptable manner is very insulting and I take full offense of it. My rabbits are no ordinary rabbits you think is dispensable. There is a value on each and every one of those little creatures and they are indeed priceless.

That brings me back to the topic of this post. The Paradigm Shift.

And yes, indeed we need a paradigm shift in our mentality pertaining to the way we raise rabbits or any other pets for the matter. The only thing that can bring about this shift, is indeed KNOWLEDGE. How do we gain knowledge? Simply through RESEARCH.

I must admit that there are so much to learn under the sun but at least we need to equip ourselves with knowledge or at least, the basic skill of acquiring those knowledge that can be turned into powerful tool.

Thus far, I can actually count with my ten fingers those that take their pet rabbits seriously and have done extensive research work on various topics. It wouldn’t be hard for me to sieve through potential adopters because my expectations are high and I am able to identify bad adopters right away. Therefore, it is sometimes very difficult for me to choose a good adopter because there isn’t much to begin with.

I am constantly thinking about the Malaysian mentality when it comes to pet raising. Many people see owning pets as an opportunity to gain profit. These people always see things in pairs – male & female. Their perfect picture also includes offspring of the pair of animals and that image is fast forwarded to CASH being passed from hand to hand. I would love it very much to blow that bubble for you! I have gone through it many times about how one cannot make any profit raising pets responsibly – the keyword RESPONSIBLY. Those that are able to make a profit out of their pets, well, I salute you but with different twist. I salute you for having the courage to have blood spilled in your hands just for the cash that you will be holding. I salute you for being able to live with a guilty conscience. I salute you for taking the courage to destroy the earth that we are living by filling it up with JUNK. I salute you for giving unto your own future generation these same JUNKS you produce today.

Imagine your children holding a rabbit that he/she loves dearly but the rabbit has got some genetic diseases or with splayed legs. Not that nice of a perfect picture isn’t it? Would you want an imperfect pet to begin with?

I apologize to have strayed from the main topic once again. I really need to be focus and get back on track with the topic but somehow everything seemed to be intertwined and related.

I am constantly thinking of how we can have this paradigm shift fast forwarded so that we can help save thousands of lives in between a slower shift. I really need to get knowledge across as soon as possible so that many rabbits would not die in vain.

How can we shift from the general mentality of carrots being the staple food of rabbits (thanks to the famous cartoon character always holding a carrot) to people accepting the fact that hay very important in a rabbit’s diet? How can we shift from the mentality of rabbits getting lonely to people accepting that spaying and neutering is a must in raising multiple rabbits?

We need a shift so that the general public will understand that rabbits do need medical attention just like any other living things. We are in dire need to have a shift in that pet service providers give equal attention to rabbit products.

Most importantly, how can we shift the mindset of breeding for money to breeding for quality and screw the money?

Last but not least, how can we ever shift the mindset so that ADOPTION becomes ADDITIONAL OPTION which is a GOOD thing? Adoption is never an indication of something negative because it always mean a better life for the adopted.

Also, if you plan to get a pet and do not have the money, I suggest you not getting any pet at all. If you cannot afford to pay for a pet, then you probably will not have money to maintain it. Simple as that! Please stop coming to me for adoption because you cannot afford to buy. I should soon put all my rabbits for sale because people seemed to think I am Santa Claus.

Let’s bring about change and it starts from each and everyone of us!

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Reality Check Survey

Hi Everyone,

It has been quite a while now that I have blogged about my rabbits. And I normally like go through a reality check once in a while. Over at the other mirror blog (wordpress account), I could see that I have constant visits to the blog. What I want to do here is fairly simple. I just want to know how much entertainment value my blog is to you, my dear visitors & readers.

Here is what I need you to do. Just drop me a comment stating if you like what you have read through my blog so far, and how do you think I should improve it further. Preferably, I would appreciate it if you can state your name as well.

Thank you all in advance.

Bunnyman @ TLR

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I missed a day’s posting!

Hate it when this happens….arggghHHhhhh

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