Daily Archives: May 11, 2008

Silent moments

It is so frustrating because the wait seemed to take forever. I am waiting to shift into the new place so that I can start on building some neat shelves to accommodate the rabbits. I have roughly planned out the waste management system and that will help me eliminate the use of litter materials. Getting rid of the need for litter materials will help me save a lot in the long run. It will not only save my pocket from running dry, but it will also stop contributing to global warming indirectly.

Other than that, nothing much seemed to be happening in the rabbitry but I am hoping for many interesting happenings once we shift the herd over to the new place.

The herd will first go through a rigorous fur mites elimination regime before we can actually bring them over to the new place. Stay tuned for more interesting postings.

BTW, I noticed that my blog stats is showing a decline in the number of visitors. I guess people just got all they need and have decided to quit coming back. Well, I hope not!


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