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Why do I recommend Oxbow Hay Products?

Ever heard of the saying “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Coincidentally, this saying is suitable for rabbits too.

The key to a healthy and happy rabbit is to keep his or her stomach healthy. Based on the many articles written on the internet, many have came to the conclusion that adult rabbits must be fed with a high fiber diet supported by 24 hour access to HAY. Hay promotes healthy gut movements.

I would just like to quote a number of articles on the internet that support this high fiber theory:

1) “Pellets should be fresh, and should be relatively high in fiber (18% minimum fiber)” – House Rabbit Society
2) “The best cure for GI stasis is prevention. Be sure your rabbit companion gets plenty of dietary fiber from fresh grass hay. Feed high fiber (22% or higher crude fiber) pellets” – GastroIntestinal Stasis, The Silent Killer by Dana M. Krempels, Ph.D.

I believe these 2 statements from highly reliable resources should be enough to tell us that we must work hard to keep our pet rabbits’ stomach healthy always.

And let’s take a look at the guaranteed analysis of Oxbow pellets:

  • Crude Protein min 14.00%
  • Crude Fat min 1.50%
  • Crude Fiber max 29.00%
  • Calcium max 0.85%

*taken from www.OxbowHay.com

A whooping 29.00%!!! isn’t that great!??

Many rabbit owners have encountered a sudden death in their rabbits and normally brushes it off as a shock or heart attack. Little do they know that there were actually symptoms leading to the death of their rabbits. They are just not in tuned with their rabbits’ eating habits. Normally, a rabbit will stop eating and drinking if it has got stomach upset.

Whenever you feed your rabbit, just take note of the amount that you gave and ensure that he or she have not left the food and water untouched. If that happens, quickly pack your rabbit and go to the nearest bunny-savvy vet and tell him or her that you are suspecting G.I. Stasis with poor bunny. You only have 24 hours to save your bunny’s life.

I hope that will never happen to you. You will never be happier seeing poop but count your blessings when you see healthy poop in your rabbit’s litter box!

Lastly, just on the reason why I am heavily promoting Oxbow Products is because firstly, it is the recommended rabbit feed by many and secondly, it is the only good rabbit feed made available locally at the moment. I normally go for rabbit feed of good quality and have a CONSTANT supply. I really dislike having to switch feed halfway through when my rabbits has got used to the feed.

Happy pooping bunnies!

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Hope you enjoy this blog…

Every once in a while I write this sort of messages on my blog because I felt that blogging is always a one-way or unidirectional form of communication. The blogger mostly do all the postings and readers just read. On some occasions I do get some very nice comments coming in and I truly appreciate them.

Today I have the highest hit/visit counts on this blog. I truly appreciate you dropping by whoever you are.

Many years ago when I was a young boy, my parents bought me this read-along book entitled The Elves And The Shoemaker. It is still one of my favorite books and I recently bought a copy that comes with a CD for the narration. I am starting a collection of these narrated story books for my little daughter. Well, I am sure most of you know how the story goes and I must say that I am feeling just like the shoemaker at the moment.

The visitors to this blog seemed to be the elves in this story book. Why? For those of you that have not read this book before, basically, the shoemaker was at the brink of closing down his business. One day 2 elves sneaked into the workshop and started working on the last piece of material the shoemaker has left and made a very nice pair of shoes. The shoemaker was amazed and sold the shoe to buy enough materials for 2 pairs. To cut the long story short, at the end, the elves were the ones that eventually helped the shoemaker salvage his dwindling business and the business eventually thrived.

But this story of mine is not quite that similar. Firstly, I do not consider Tru-Luv a business and secondly, it is definitely not dwindling (I hope). Coming back to the story, the shoemaker and his wife, on one occasion hid themselves behind some curtain (if i remembered correctly) in the workshop to investigate who has been helping them. What I am trying to say is that, they were able to identify who these visitors were. As for my case, I do not know who visits this blog exactly.

As a fellow US rabbit blogger would say, it is quite scary to leave too much personal information on the internet for fears of some psycho (I do not mean you) stealing identity or knowing too much about you that could bring more harm than good.

I sure hope my readers are really nice people. And so as you can see, I am a little worried here.

Nonetheless, I really do hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have enjoyed preparing each post. What I wish is that if you’re reading this, do click on the comment box below and drop me a line. Please help put me at ease so that I know that somewhere out there, there is another sincere being reading this…

God bless all of you. Yes, you!


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