My stand on Neutering/Spaying

I have always supported the cause for responsible pet ownership and if someone ask me if they should spay or neuter their pet rabbit, I would strongly encourage them to do so. And especially here in Malaysia.

I realize over time that we are overloaded with mixed breeds. Not that I am against mixed breeds, I am just against irresponsible breeding. I believe if you want to breed, make sure you breed for quality improvement and also always have the future generation on your mind. We must always be responsible for our future generation especially in what we want to pass on to them.

Mixed breeds make the best pets and there is no doubt about that. But for me personally, I prefer to venture into purebreds. So being an enthusiast of purebreds, my personal stand is that I share the best of my rabbits with fellow enthusiasts.

So as for neutering and spaying, I will strongly recommend it without thinking twice about it. Mainly because there are too many opportunists around that exploits their pets in the expense of money. In my humble opinion, if one breeds ethically, he or she may never gain any profit. When one gains profit out of breeding pets, usually they are cutting edges and the quality of the pets is at stake.

Neutering and spaying pets control to a certain degree the possibility that your pet will be exploited if they happen to be passed on from hand to hand. Most of these irresponsible breeders are so blinded by money that they could not be bothered with the genetic makeup of the rabbit.

Neutering and spaying will help control the number of unwanted pets.

Someone emailed me this morning and mention to me that he and his son is planning to neuter both their bucks. I strongly encourage that and I gave him credit for it because not only he is being a responsible owner, he is teaching his son to be the same. Very credible pet owner and this is the type of rabbit owner I would like to share my rabbits with. That being said, I hope I do not get loads of emails telling me that they plan to get a rabbit from me and they will spay/neuter them but ends up losing contact with me and the rabbits do not get spayed/neutered but instead when I get updates on them, they already had 3 “accidental” litters of bunnies.

I would neuter or spay my pets if they are not for breeding but at this moment, my aim is to produce good quality Holland Lops. Therefore, I cannot spay/neuter my rabbits.

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  1. Wish Rambo good luck, he’s getting neutered.

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