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New Rabbitry Shelf: Proof Of Concept #1

I bought 2 shelving units earlier this afternoon to prepare for the move to our new place. I must say that it did not go as well as expected. It is mainly because firstly, the length of the shelving units were measured in millimeters and it was 1200mm. 1200mm is a little less than 48 inches and I thought it would be alright because my cages are barely 24 inches each when I measured them. Turned out, the length of the shelves cannot take two 24 inches cages! I need to improvise the length of the cages (by cutting of course). I will get that sorted out later.

Secondly, the Chloroplast sheet is exactly 4 feet (48 inches) and I do not have enough length to fold up the sides for it to work as pee guard. DARN! I went through it be trial and error and finally realize that I could use the wooden board that came with the shelving units as support for the Chloroplast sheets. I guess I need to find longer Chloroplast sheets then.

Overall, I would say that my first POC for a DIY rabbitry shelving unit with waste management FAILED badly!

Nonetheless, here are some photos:

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