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The waiting game

In the world today, there is so many things that are instant. We have instant noodles, fast foods and all sorts of things that we can acquire on the fly.

Unfortunately, it is so different with life. Take rabbits for instance, you have to wait for a doe to be willing to accept a buck, wait for a doe to kindle, wait for kits to grow, and the waiting list goes on for various part of the hobby.

Those are just some of the waitings which I call good waits. What I hate most waiting is going through some processes for acquire something. There is still no signs of us moving into the new place anytime soon and I am growing anxious by the days. I totally hate this because I am so looking forward to see my rabbits happy in the new rabbitry that I have planned out.

I for one will be the happiest to materialize the concept I have on my mind!

I just cannot wait go get things moving. Right now, we’re just stuck!

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